August Burns Red Set Release Date For New Album

August Burns Red

August Burns Red are set to release their new album, Leveler,  on June 21st. For Leveler, August Burns Red re-teamed with super producer Jason Suecof, the man behind the board on their 2009 breakout, Constellations. The result is an album that pushes the band’s sonic boundaries in every direction, and yet is an unquestionably heavier album than its predecessor.

“Putting out a fourth record is a little scary because we obviously have our sound figured out at this point, but we don’t want to put out a record that just sounds like a redux of our previous albums,” explains guitarist JB Brubaker. “Our tastes are always evolving as musicians and we’ve been motivated to progress as a band and push ABR in different directions, while maintaining the characteristics that made us the band we are in the first place.”

Jack’s Mannequin To Tour This Summer

Jack's Mannequin

Jack’s Mannequin frontman Andrew McMahon revealed in a new interview with The CW Dayton that aside from recent news that the band would be playing dates on 2011’s Warped Tour, they are also heading on tour in June and July with Lady Danville and Steel Train.

Catch Jack’s Mannequin this summer on Warped Tour on the following select dates:

08/02/11 – Warped Tour – Cincinnati, OH

08/03/11 – Warped Tour – St. Louis, MO

New Blink 182 Album By Summer?

According to a recent interview with RockSound Magazine, Tom Delonge stated that Blink 182 would not tour until they have a new album out. Blink 182 will be touring Europe in July so does that mean we will see a new album this summer? One can only hope! Let us know your thoughts in the comments. View Delonge’s statement from the interview below.

“We will not tour if there is no new record,” he said boldly in a recent issue“The goal is to finish and squeeze it out at the very last minute so people have the new songs in time for the dates. The album will be great, I promise you that, I think it’s gonna be what everyone wants it to be; it will be fun and full of attitude but the songs are super relevant and giant sounding. Think Blink but stadium rock.”