Angels & Airwaves Announce New Member; iTunes Special

Angels & Airwaves

Angels & AirwavesAngels & Airwaves have announced that Ilan Rubin has joined the band as their new drummer/keyboardist. Rubin was previously drumming for Nine Inch Nails and doing his own solo project, The New Regime.

Angels & Airwaves new album, LOVE Part Two, will be exclusively available on iTunes for one week beginning November 1st. The bands new single “Surrender” will be available starting on October 31st when it will be world premiered on KROQ/LA’s “Kevin & Bean” show. LOVE Part OnePart Two and LOVE (the movie) will be available at retail outlets on November 8th through Rocket Science/RED, while will unveil three special packages.

The New Regime Set Release Date, Album Trailer

The New Regime

The New Regime has set April 5th as the digital release date for their upcoming album, Speak Through The White Noise, and April 26th as the physical release date. If you don’t know who The New Regime is check out the info below. Iian Rubin does everything himself on the album. A trailer for the album as well as the track listing can also be seen below.

Rarely is so much noise generated by one individual, but Ilan Rubin has been creating, arranging and performing for years. Only 22 years old, Rubin has been involved in the music industry for most of his life, picking up the drums at 8, and in quick succession mastering the guitar, bass and piano. Armed with a veritable musical arsenal, Rubin was content to cut his teeth playing drums in numerous outfits, including stints drumming for Welsh rock act Lostprophets and industrial rock pioneers Nine Inch Nails. With The New Regime, the one-man outfit he created in 2007, Rubin has unleashed an authentic rock opus and a cheat-sheet to modern living. Through Speak Through the White Noise (available digitally 4/5/11, physical release 4/26/11) an album entirely written, sung and played by Rubin, The New Regime reaches the critical mass he has been moving toward the majority of his life.


1. Clairaudience
2. Live In Fear
3. Pray For The Weak
4. Enjoy The Bitterness
5. The Skeptic
6. Radiate The False
7. State Of Possession
8. All Laid Out To Rest
9. The One In Need
10. For The Taking
11. What Brings Us Down
12. The Great Decline

The New Regime Post Live Video #2

The New Regime have released a video for “Take Control” as part two of a six part live performance series on  The next four videos will premiere Tuesdays and Fridays for the next 2 weeks.  You can also check out the first part of a video interview with where Ilan talks about everything from drums, The New Regime, Lostprophets, and Nine Inch Nails.

The New Regime Premieres Series of Six Videos on imeem

On Tuesday, March 10, The New Regime will premiere the first in a series of six live videos on imeem. Subsequently, imeem will exclusively debut a new video every Tuesday and Friday for three weeks on the artist’s imeem profile. The videos represent tracks from the debut album, Coup. Each video was intentionally filmed in a live, non show setting at Swinghouse Studios in Los Angeles. According to front man, Ilan Rubin, “Rather than miming to a meaningless video treatment, I chose to utilize the video to highlight what a band should do best: play live.”

The New Regime video premieres on imeem are scheduled follows:
March 10: “Order Restored”
March 13: “Take Control”
March 17: “The Collapse”
March 20: “Tap Dancing In a Minefield”
March 24: “This War Time”
March 27: “Haunt My Mind”

The New Regime Update

Below is an update from Ilan Rubin of The New Regime/Nine Inch Nails

Hello All, Just wanted to give you an update.  I’ve been in rehearsals with NIN for the past couple weeks and its been great.  I leave for New Zealand/Australia tomorrow.  So to keep in touch with everyone I have set up a Twitter account for everyone who cares to follow. Check it out at: Hope you are all well. Ilan

The New Regime Interview-January 10, 2009

Ilan Rubin has been very busy in the past few years. Not only is he involved with The Lostprophets, he began a side project entitled The New Regime in which he was involved in every musical aspect of the album. At the same time, Rubin will enter as the drummer for Nine Inch Nails. I recently had the chance to talk with Rubin about his new record “Coup” from side project The New Regime and his career as a musician.

Thank you to Ilan Rubin for taking the time to answer these questions

Can you please introduce yourself and what your role is in The New

I’m Ilan Rubin and I write, play, and sing everything you hear in The
New Regime.

Your album “Coup” was just recently released. Overall, how do you feel
about the album? Would you change anything about it?

I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out and there is nothing
I’d like to change about it.

How did you get started playing the drums? How did that grow into playing
guitar, keyboards, singing, etc?

I started playing drums at about 7-8 years old. My dad used to play,
so drums were set up in the garage and my brothers were learning. I
suppose one day I got up and tried to recreate some of the things I
had heard and took it from there. As my brothers moved on to bass and
guitar, I learned how to play those with age. At about 15 years old I
suddenly became interested in classical music and wanted to learn how
to play the piano, so I did. Singing had come from always wanting to
make music entirely by myself. It was the only thing that stood in my
way, so in my mind it was inevitable that I would finally get the
balls to just do it.

For the most part, did you enjoy doing all the instruments and vocals by yourself?

I absolutely loved it. Playing and singing everything gives me the
freedom to do things exactly as I want.

How long have you been working on songs for The New Regime? Have you always wanted to do a solo thing?

I’ve definitely always wanted to write my own music. Up to now, The
New Regime has been around for about a year, but the writing and
recording of the material only took a few months.

You were recently just announced as the new drummer for Nine Inch Nails. How do you feel about this? Excited? Nervous? Ready?

I am excited, ready, and anxious. I’ve been rehearsing for a while
now and really want to get to it. Playing these songs is tons of fun
and I can’t wait to do it on stage.

In your opinion, what was the best part of 2008 for you? What are you looking forward to in 2009?

Headlining Download festival with lostprophets was definitely the
highlight for 2008. 2009 is going to be all about NIN and the second
TNR release.

What are your biggest musical influences and why?

Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, Bach, and Beethoven would have to be
my biggest influences. They all do what they do better than anybody
else and you can constantly learn from them.

What do you want for Christmas Channukka?!

Not much. I’ll take an accordion for chanukka though.

Do you plan on touring with The New Regime in the future? Do you have a band lined-up to take care of drum parts and other instruments?

I’ve played 5 shows as The New Regime so far. Live I play guitar,
piano, and sing and I have three guys taking care of the rest. I
would love to tour though as soon as I have the proper time to devote
to it.

What is your favorite song off of “Coup” and why?

I think if I had to pick, Order Restored would be my favorite because
of its interesting structure, intricacy, and catchiness.

To wrap things up, do you have any words for our readers at

Download ‘Coup’ from where ever you’d like. There’s something on the
album for everyone and I’m extremely proud of it.