The Fall Of Troy Call It Quits

The Fall Of Troy have broken up. A message from Thomas Erak can be seen below.

Dearest friends from all corners of the world,

I write to inform you that after nearly 9 years, 5 full-lengths, 2 bass players, hundreds of shows, and numerous other achievements and follies, Andrew, Frank, and I have decided to end our career as The Fall of Troy.

This band has been my life, my love, the air I breathe, the food I eat, and what helps me sleep (and sometimes keeps me up) at night.  I love and cherish the music we’ve made, the times we’ve had, and all the great friends we’ve met along the way.  Andrew, Frank, and of course Tim, will always and forever have a special place in my heart.  But it has come time for us to call it a day.  After everything’s said and done, there is no drama, there is no blow out, it’s simply the three members of this band are on three different paths in our lives.

I always hold true to the fact that it’s better to go out in style, to ride off into the sunset, than go down in flames.  This tour coming up with Envy On The Coast and Twin Atlantic will be our last go round, and we really hope that all of you will come out and celebrate what has been so unreal and unbelievable ““ let’s dance one last time!

We would really like to thank everyone that’s ever been involved with the band, managed the band, booked a show for us, let us eat your canned food, sleep on your floor, asked us for a picture, caught me when I’ve almost been dropped, put out a record for us, driven us through a late night drive thru, or anything else any of you could possibly look back on and enjoy what this band was…Fun.

So make sure you come out to “The Marked-Men of 2010 Tour” as it will be our last hurrah! We love you, and will be giving as much love as you’ve given to us at these shows. So that’s that! We love you with all our hearts, thank you from the very bottom of them, and goodbye comrades.


With A Heavy Heart,
Thomas Joseph Erak

PS. I have no intention to stop making music! Quite the opposite actually – but until then see you at the shows!

Update from The Fall Of Troy

An update from The Fall Of Troy can be read below.

Hello everyone, we hope your holidays weren’t too stressful and you got to spend as much valuable time with family and friends as we did. We have been very excited about the overwhelmingly positive response to “Phantom”, we worked very hard on it and feel that it’s our most mature work yet. If you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet, we hope you head over to itunes and download it, and we have some plans to release it on vinyl sometime in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

We’ve been kinda doing our own things since returning home from the west coast tour, but finding inspiration in many things in the process. The next record, yet to be titled, is coming together very nicely and very diverse. It has elements of all of our previous ventures, as well as many new directions we’re excited to explore with all of you… We feel as if at this time, it’s more important to write music that will be around for maybe 5 years instead of 5 minutes. With all the 15 minutes of fame bands around capitalizing off of music’s overexposed state it’s pushed us to take a look at what we really want to be for ourselves, and that thing is simply to be true to ourselves and others musically…

In other news, Thomas has begun what may become some form of a solo record in later 09′, but it’s still just some songs with a guitar and we’ll see where they end up…

Anyways, thank you all for your continued support and love, it means the world to us that so many people are so compelling at every show we play, or with every record or t-shirt we sell. We owe you our lives and we’ll continue to make the most authentic and truthful music we possibly can in 2009.

Hope to see you all on the road soon!!!

Love and respect,

The Guys