Envy On The Coast – Lowcountry

Envy on the coast - Lowcountry

Artist: Envy On The Coast
Album: Lowcountry
Label: Photo Finish Records
Purchase: iTunes
Release Date: March 30th, 2010

Overall: 9.0
Music: 9.5
Lyrics: 9.0
Production: 8.5

Envy On The Coast have always struck me has a really electric band, incredibly spontaneous with tempo shifts that hampered their ability to make a really solid album. Lucy Gray had its moments of spectacular songs, but overall left me less than satisfied. Enter the band’s new album Lowcountry, have they been able to bottle that lightning and use it to their advantage this time around?

The answer is a most definite yes, the band has come along way from their first album. Not only has the production improved, the band’s ability to write insanely infectious songs has come along way. Not the kind of catchy though that will wear you out after the tenth listen, but the good kind that grows on you after a long time that really sticks with you. Case in point, “The Great American T-Shirt Racket” at first listen may not sound like the catchiest affair, but after time you can see it as a potential radio single, and the band’s strongest (almost pop like) hook that wraps around you after multiple listens.

On their debut album, it was sometimes hard to hear lead vocalist’s Ryan Hunter’s voice as it sometimes became to nasally to listen to after a while. But in this album, it shows that he has come a long way vocally. Whether it be in the soft crooning of “Made Of Stone”, or the light, innocent melodies of “Like I Do.” Not only is his voice is improved, now you can’t get it out of your head.

Of course the band hasn’t lost that explosive charge that made them sound like a less mellow sounding Incubus, from the explosive mind-blowing chorus of “Clean Of You”, or the punch of gang vocals on “Puritan Dirt Song”. The band still has a clear knack for making songs that can shift from tempo to tempo almost seamlessly.

Lowcountry also takes more political tones, like the lyrics of “Head First In The River” which go “we’re the ones who you paid to see a piece of my soul for your money/and it’s my job, to smile while pigs feast/ swallows slop out of the head of a crooked priest,” the more political tones of their lyrics really helps develop their sound and makes them even more pleasing to listen to. This album isn’t something that at first you’ll see yourself playing over and over again, but with time and appreciation, every song will get stuck in your head and you’ll find yourself humming along to them in the car. Not only a band that could fit on alternative radio, but one that could do it while retaining their pride and core fanbase.

The Marked Men of 2010 Tour

The Marked Men of 2010 tour is set to span 35 dates in 2 months and feature The Fall of Troy, Envy On The Coast, and Twin Atlantic. This will be the last tour for The Fall of Troy before they go their separate ways. The Marked Men Tour will also stop off in Austin for this year’s South By Southwest (SXSW) festival.

Right now you can visit www.themarkedmenof2010.com and sign up you will receive free MP3 downloads from each of the band’s participating in the tour.


3/6 ROCKFORD, IL House Cafe
3/7 INDIANAPOLIS IN Emerson Theater
3/9 COVINGTON, KY Mad Hatter
3/11 ATLANTA, GA Masquerade
3/12 ST. PETERSBURG, FL Orpheum
3/13 ORLANDO, FL The Social
3/14 MOBILE, AL Mobile Music Box
3/15 METAIRIE, LA High Ground
3/17 MISSION, TX Never Say Never Fest
3/20 DALLAS, TX The Door
3/21 SAN ANTONIO, TX White Rabbits
3/23 PHOENIX, AZ Martini Ranch
3/25 SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA Downtown Brew
3/27 ANAHEIM, CA Bamboozle
3/30 PORTLAND, OR Hawthorne Theatre
3/31 SEATTLE, WA El Corazon
4/1 VANCOUVER, BC Rickshaw
4/3 SALT LAKE CITY, UT Murray Theatre
4/4 DENVER, CO Marquis Theatre
4/6 LAWRENCE, KS Bottleneck
4/7 DES MOINES, IA House Of Bricks
4/8 MINNEAPOLIS, MN Triple Rock
4/9 CHICAGO, IL Subterranean
4/10 CLEVELAND, OH Grog Shop
4/11 GRAND RAPIDS, MI Intersection
4/13 PITTSBURGH, PA Diesel
4/14 BUFFALO, NY Mohawk
4/15 TORONTO, ON Annex Wreck Room
4/16 MONTREAL, QC Underworld
4/17 SYRACUSE, NY Lost Horizon
4/18 ALBANY, NY Valentine’s

Emery Join The Almost On Tour

Emery will be joining The Almost, Envy On The Coast and Army Of Me on tour in June. You can check out the dates below.

31 May 2008 The Masquerade    Atlanta, Georgia
1 Jun 2008 Rocketown    Nashville, Tennessee
2 Jun 2008 Bogarts    Cincinnati, Ohio
3 Jun 2008 Metro    Chicago, Illinois
4 Jun 2008 Station 4    St. Paul, Minnesota
5 Jun 2008 People’s Court    Des Moines, Iowa
6 Jun 2008 Granada Theatre    Lawrence, Kansas
8 Jun 2008 Cervantes    Denver, Colorado
9 Jun 2008 Avalon Theatre    Salt Lake City, Utah
18 Jun 2008 House Of Blues    Anaheim, California
19 Jun 2008 Avalon Hollywood    Los Angeles, California
20 Jun 2008 Soma    San Diego, California
23 Jun 2008 The Door    Dallas, Texas
24 Jun 2008 Merdian    Houston, Texas

Envy on the Coast – Lucy Gray

Lucy Gray
Lucy Gray

Artist: Envy on the Coast
Album: Lucy Gray
Label: Photo Finish
Purchase: Smart Punk
Release Date: August 7th, 2007

Overall: 8.0
Music: 9.0
Lyrics: 7.5
Production: 8.0

Better late than never… even though Lucy Gray was released in August and the fact that I’m just getting to it, holds no barring on the record itself or Envy on the Coast. This album is filled with stirring post-hardcore, laced with incredibly catchy overtones. Each song takes on a different direction and its own unique shape. Lucy Gray is a fun listen, and it’s great to hear a band break the mold and create something as original as this record.

Recommended if you like: Tacking Back Sunday and Glassjaw

Track Listing
1. Sugar Skulls
2. Artist and Repertoire
3. The Gift of Paralysis
4. Tell Them That She’s Not Scared
5. (x) Amount of Truth
6. Vultures
7. Mirrors
8. If God Smokes Cheap Cigars
9. Starving Your Friends
10. Lapse
11. “…Because All Suffering Is Sweet to Me.”
12. “I’m Breathing…Are You Breathing Too?”

The Audition To Headline Pacific Sunwear Tour

The Audition, have been chosen as the premier band to headline the first ever Pacific Sunwear Music Tour. The tour, beginning January 16 at Raleigh’s The Brewery, will feature support from acts Envy On The Coast, Danger Radio, and Another Day Late, with completion exactly one month later in Baltimore.

On January 22nd, six days into the tour, The Audition will welcome their toe-tapping sophomore endeavor, Champion into stores. Champion is the follow-up to the bands 2005 Victory Records debut Controversy Loves Company, which has sold nearly 50,000 copies to date. Pacific Sunwear will begin streaming the first single off of Champion, “Warm Me Up”, on their website December 19th.

Tickets for the Pacific Sunwear Music Tour will go on-sale Friday, December 7th.

1/16/08 Raleigh, North Carolina @ The Brewery
1/17/08 Atlanta, Georgia @ The Masquerade
1/18/08 Jacksonville, Florida @ Fuel Coffeehouse
1/19/08 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida @ Culture Room
1/20/08 Orlando, Florida @ The Social
1/22/08 San Antonio, Texas @ White Rabbit
1/23/08 Dallas, Texas @ The Door
1/25/08 Tempe, Arizona @ The Clubhouse
1/26/08 Anaheim, California @ Chain Reaction
1/27/08 San Diego, California @ Soma
1/29/08 Hollywood, California @ Knitting Factory
1/30/08 Orangevale, California @ Boardwalk
2/01/08 Portland, Oregon @ Hawthorne Theatre
2/02/08 Seattle, Washington @ Chop Suey
2/04/08 Salt Lake City, Utah @ Avalon Theatre
2/06/08 Denver, Colorado @ Marquis Theatre
2/07/08 Omaha, Nebraska @ Sokol Underground
2/08/08 Chicago, Illinois @ Metro
2/09/08 Detroit, Michigan @ TBA
2/10/08 Cleveland, Ohio @ TBA
2/12/08 New York, New York @ Highline Ballroom
2/13/08 Allston, Massachusetts @ Harper’s Ferry
2/14/08 Poughkeepsie, New York @ TBA
2/15/08 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ TBA
2/16/08 Baltimore, Maryland @ Sonar

From First To Last Post New Song, Tour Dates

From First To Last have put up a new track titled “Two As One” on their MySpace page. The band will be starting their tour with Envy On The Coast, Pierce The Veil and Four Year Strong tomorrow. Dates can be found below.

W/ Envy On The Coast, Pierce The Veil, Four Year Strong

11/15/07 | Sauget, IL | Pop’s
11/16/07 | Grand Rapids, MI | Skelletones
11/17/07 | Detroit, MI | Magic Stick
11/19/07 | Covington, KY | The Mad Hatter
11/20/07 | Cleveland, OH | Peabody’s Down Under
11/21/07 | Tinley Park, IL | Mojoes Rock House
11/23/07 | Dallas, TX | The Door
11/24/07 | Houston, TX | Java Jazz
11/25/07 | San Antonio, TX | White Rabbit
11/27/07 | Kansas City, MO | Grand Emporium
11/28/07 | Denver, CO | Marquis Theatre
11/29/07 | Salt Lake City, UT | Avalon Theater
11/30/07 | Boise, ID | The Venue
12/01/07 | Portland, OR | Hawthorne Theater
12/02/07 | Seattle, WA | El Corazon
12/04/07 | Fresno, CA | The Exit
12/05/07 | Pomona, CA | Glasshouse
12/06/07 | San Diego, CA | SOMA
12/07/07 | West Hollywood, CA | Troubadour
12/08/07 | Bakersfield, CA | Golden State Hall
12/09/07 | San Francisco, CA | Slims

Free Envy on the Coast EP

Envy on the Coast and Photo Finish Records are celebrating their one-year anniversary together by giving away the entire Envy on the Coast self titled EP that started things off for the band and the label. The EP, featuring “Temper Temper” and “Suckerpunch”, was the first Photo Finish release.

Head here and sign up for the email list and check your inbox for your exclusive link to download the EP for free.

Envy on the Coast Interview – August 23rd, 2007

Envy on the Coast

I’d like to thank Gerardo from Photo Finish Records for setting up this interview and Ryan of Envy on the Coast for his time.

Please state your name and role in the band.
Ryan Hunter. I sing and play guitar.

First off, where did the name come from and what does it mean?
Envy on the Coast came from an old song title. There’s no deep underlying meaning behind the name, though the song title was about a jealousy I developed for a particular band and their status.

Being a band from New York was it hard to stand out and get noticed amongst the slew of other bands? We don’t really make a particularly huge effort to separate ourselves from anything. We’re from Long Island and we grew up watching a lot of bands from Long Island. The only thing that seems to confuse me sometimes is when we do something very outside of the realm of Long Island. We rattle off our influences in interviews and conversations
on a regular basis, yet when something isn’t derivative of Glassjaw or Brand new…people are confused.

What do you feel was the “big break” for Envy on the Coast?
I’d say the “big break” came when we met Bryan Russell, who ended up producing our EP and then later our first LP. He’s the man.

Could you describe your sound and any major influences the group has?
Describing your sound ends up incriminating you. In regard to influences…there are far too many to list, so I’ll just name what’s been playing on the bus on this tour. We’ve been listening to a lot of Jeff Buckley, Buena Vista Social Club, traditional Celtic music,Corrine Bailey Rae, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Blindside. That’s just what I can think of off the top of my head.

Let’s discuss Lucy Gray, with the record being released only a few weeks ago how has the reception been?
The reception from the fans has been unbelevable. I think we’re gaining a lot of new fans which is exactly what we wanted to do. On the other hand, critics aren’t really grasping this record. I don’t read reviews because they bum me out way too much, but I hear what the guys talk about. Basically, from what I can gather, critics don’t understand the varied moods of the record. They’ve been so quick to pin us as the next Glassjaw or Brand New, that when the record didn’t
follow the blue prints of a knock off of one of those bands.

Where does the title Lucy Gray come from and what does it mean?
Lucy Gray comes from a poem by William Wordsworth.

Is there one song on the album that you feel sums up the band?
If you have the patience, I guess we’d all prefer you listen to the whole record. It’s not terribly long. I’d say that would sum us up as a band.

When will the music video for Sugar Skulls be released?
We’re still working on the video so there’s no estimated date as of right now.

How did Will Noon of the group Straylight Run come to be your manager?
Will was introduced to us through our producer, Bryan Russell. Since day one, Will has just wanted to help us in any way he possibly can. That’s basically how he became our manager.

What advice do you have for young bands trying to start a career in music?
Play music that comes from the heart and always prioritize that. Never sacrifice that for anything.

Tell me about the series – Envy on the Coast presents “Love from the Road.”
The “Love from the Road” episodes are basically monthly accounts of what we’re up to. I take all the footage that I tape out here and compile it all on my laptop and basically create those episodes. Most of them contain a decent amount of footage of Brian because he’s the funniest person int he world.

Lastly, what are your thoughts on the current state of music and the music industry?
I have faith that things will get better, and that honest music will always prevail. That sums up my statements on music today and the industry as a whole.

Envy on the Coast‘s latest album Lucy Gray is in stores now. Click here to purchase it online.

Staff Recommendations August 12, 2007

Bryce Jacobson
Be sure to give Mae‘s new album a listen on their MySpace page. Also check out Every Avenue who’s new EP, AH!, will be in stores this Tuesday.

Adam Weidman
Check out Broadway Calls, they’re a great up and coming gritty pop-punk band. As well as Envy on the Coast, whose new record Lucy Gray hit stores last week.

Sam Anacker
Both Simian and You Say Party! We Say Die! have been hogging my play time. YSP! WSD! has their new release, Lose All Time dropping in the U.S. on August 18.  And, if you’d like to see the charred remains of Simian, check out .