Owl City Samples New Song; “Alligator Sky” Video

Owl City is streaming a new song titled “Deer In The Headlights” in layers on their website. A new insturment will be revealed each day until the full song is available on Friday May 20th. The song comes from Owl City’s new album, All Things Bright And Beautiful, due out June 14th. Owl City’s current single “Alligator Sky” is available on iTunes now and the video can be seen below. [Read more…]

New Found Glory Title New Album

New Found GloryNew Found Glory have announced the title of their new album, Radiosurgery. The band has been working on demos and recording since fall of last year. Expect the album to be out later this year. The band had the following to say about the name of the album.

There are certain things in life that are extremely hard to get over. No matter how hard or long you go trying to forget, it’s always there somewhere in your mind. Some things can be so heavy they torment and enter every thought making you feel semi-insane. If our thoughts were like tumors we could have them removed.


“Radiosurgery” – is a medical procedure that allows non-invasive treatment of benign and malignant tumors. It is also known as stereotactic radiotherapy, (SRT) when used to target lesions in the brain, and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) when used to target lesions in the body. In addition to cancer, it has also been shown to be beneficial for the treatment of some non-cancerous conditions, including functional disorders such as arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) and trigeminal neuralgia.

Some have already used our record title as an analogy referring to the state of popular music or songs they hear on the radio. Saying it needs some fixing… Or “surgery”.

Music is healing. You can find a song from your favorite band that relates to a tough situation in your life and listening to it helps you. You could say that’s some sort of Radiosurgery.

You can apply or relate the title to whatever you want. Truth is, it will all make sense once you hear the album.


The Lonely Forest – LIVE

The Lonely Forest

The Lonely ForestThe Lonely Forest are about to head out on tour in support of their “big brother” Chris Walla and the rest of Death Cab for Cutie. I had the chance to check out their set and talk with the guys on their last tour through Minneapolis in April and wanted to share my thoughts and overall recommendation of the band with the fine readers of Driven Far Off. Also be sure to check out the full tour dates and ticket links for their roadshow with Death Cab and their album Arrows (read review | buy).

The Lonely Forest kicked off their April 2011 show Minneapolis somewhat quietly with “Turn off This Song and Go Outside.” No, the music was not lacking in decibels; rather, the four-piece simply did not waste a second to chat the crowd up, opting instead to let the music speak for itself. Folding into “(I Am) The Love Addict” with manic dancing and over-sized expressions on singer Jon Van Deusen’s face, the band set an above-average energy level for the set and never turned it down.

Van Deusen never missed a note as he wailed away. Braydn Krueger translated the full drumbeats from the album Arrows into a ravaging show – rivaling Animal from the Muppets on “Tunnels” – but also found time to sweetly provide high vocal harmonies. Bassist Eric Sturgeon briefly scaled the drum-set to swing from the ceiling, and guitarist Tony Ruland (somewhat painfully, it turns out) collapsed into the drum kit to end the set.

Rise to Prominence

The band’s energy level could easily fill a longer set and a bigger stage, but for now, the foursome say they’re comfortable with their slow rise after playing together for five years. While they joke about being “the tortoise” in the race towards prominence, the guys say they plan to continue doing what they know best. The plan? Make decisions focused on longevity and steadfastly avoid compromising gimmicks.

Not surprisingly, they’re down to earth and thankful for their success thus far. It’s a great feeling to be the first (and still only) band on Trans, Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie’s label, the boys say. “It’s like a science experiment… but definitely one with lots of good ingredients,” remarks Sturgeon.

And while Walla patiently waits for the right second signing to come along, The Lonely Forest are enjoying the spoils of being an only child on Trans. Though they may be guinea pigs, the guys feel that they’re in good hands, noting that Chris is not only easy to work with, but also “like a long-lost big brother who has shown up in your life and is awesome and takes you to the arcade.”

Music and Messages

That nature crops up repeatedly is not because of any agenda, says Ruland. Rather, he attributes the many references to nature to nurture: the boys grew up in Anacortes, Washington, with the Pacific in their backyards and evergreen forests in their front. Impressive natural environments are simply ever-present in their lives and therefore perhaps more present in their songs than in those of other contemporary rock bands, he adds.

The ability to produce songs about more than just heartbreak makes the band seem quite mature, and so it can be quite surprising to find out that lead singer Jon is just 23 years old. With all the energy and talent they’ve got, we can only hope* that the road ahead of the band stretches far into the distance and that The Lonely Forest may keep on singing in time together for a long time.

* (beyond buying an album or hitting up a show to support these guys, of course).

2011 Warped Tour Compilation And Track Listing

2011 Warped Tour Compilation

2011 Warped Tour CompilationThe 2011 Warped Tour Compilation is set for release on June 7th. The collection features a wide variety of artists that will be playing this year’s punk rock summer camp such as A Day To Remember, Set Your Goals, Attack Attack!, Against Me!, August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada, Big D and the Kids Table, and more.

Check out the track listing and album art below.
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30 Seconds To Mars Breaking Up?

30 Seconds To MarsIt was reported earlier today that MTV Canada would release a video of 30 Seconds To Mars announcing their break up. The video is available now here and I don’t hear the band say anything about breaking up. They sound tired, they look tired, and I wouldn’t be surprised the band took a break or even went on hiatus.

What are your thoughts? It feels like the interview was taken in the wrong direction. The interviewer won’t stop asking about the rumors of this being their last album, and the band didn’t want to give an answer. Is this a ploy for MTV to get some traffic to their website? 30 Seconds To Mars will officially announce their plans on their own terms so don’t believe anything until you see it officially from them.

Eve 6 Sign To Fearless Records, Hit Studio In June

Eve 6

Eve 6, who recently signed to Fearless Records, will be entering the studio in June with legendary producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Dashboard Confessional, Good Charlotte, The All-American Rejects). The band will be recording their long-awaited fourth studio album. Gilmore’s previous work includes production on Linkin Park’s 10 x platinum-seling album Hybrid Theory and 5 x platinum-selling release Meteora. Gilmore also produced EVE 6’s platinum-selling self-titled debut album.

“Starting in the first couple weeks of June, we’ll be descending into the dungeon (AKA studio) to record album #4 with Don Gilmore, our producer on the first two album,” notes the band. “Don is a svengali/genius type of guy, and is a great match for our style and sensibility in the studio. We have a special bond with him, and are excited to get in the trenches and become comrades in musical arms once again. It’s been great having all this time to refine the material; we feel this will be song for song our strongest album to date.” Read more of the band’s statement on their website.

After a brief disbandment in which the members pursued various other projects, Eve 6 reformed in early 2008, and spent much of the following two years on the road reconnecting with the fan base and playing to crowds wildly enthusiastic about their return. The band signed to Fearless Records early May 2011, and is excited to work on new material. “This will be a great home for us,” notes the band. “They’re super pumped about this record and the new songs and are just as anxious to get it recorded and released as we are.”

Set Your Goals Set Release Date For New Album; Stream New Song

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals have set June 28th as the release date for their new album, Burning At Both Ends. Produced by Brian McTernan, the album features thirteen powerful tracks available now for pre-order at www.sygstore.com. Check out their newest song “Exit Summer” below.

Don’t miss your chance to see one of the most energized performances of the summer as Set Your Goals will hit the road for the entire Vans Warped Tour this year. [Read more…]