30 Seconds To Mars Breaking Up?

30 Seconds To MarsIt was reported earlier today that MTV Canada would release a video of 30 Seconds To Mars announcing their break up. The video is available now here and I don’t hear the band say anything about breaking up. They sound tired, they look tired, and I wouldn’t be surprised the band took a break or even went on hiatus.

What are your thoughts? It feels like the interview was taken in the wrong direction. The interviewer won’t stop asking about the rumors of this being their last album, and the band didn’t want to give an answer. Is this a ploy for MTV to get some traffic to their website? 30 Seconds To Mars will officially announce their plans on their own terms so don’t believe anything until you see it officially from them.


  1. Isai Gonzales says

    NOOO I may be 12 but I LOVE 30 SECONDS TO MARS THEY WONT BREAK UP NOW!!!!Please your music was always there for me …

  2. Anonymous says

    One thing I personally believe, why Jared and his band became burned out from his two year touring+++; if you compare his ‘music productivities’ to the newer uprising musicians in lieu of his style of music, over a 15 year period of only developing 3 main Music CD’s (30STM), most of the musicians today, produce this amount in less than 1.5 years time with also something new as unknowlingly announced . Anyone, such as going to same ol’ bar scene over and over again, would become ‘bored’ toward song(s) that are played repeatedly with nothing new announced from the band themselves to keep the fans still at peaked interest. There are too a tons of other work projects, that he could have accomplished during his music career that would only have added to his fame, but like most famous persons, they are too wrapped up in HAVING A GOOD TIME…and forget about the initial meaning behind; Life with a purpose and eventually find themselves quite vain.

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