Warped Tour: In Review Part 1

With so many bands playing on many different stages it’s very easy to miss bands you’d like to see and not discover a lot of new music. Each year, my goal is to see as many bands as I possibly can. This year’s count: ten.

Every Time I Die started the show off. They played at 11:55 AM and it felt as if I could not get into the venue fast enough. (Thanks Twitter for telling us the set time.) Every Time I Die is a band that never disappoints live. An excellent set performed by superbly talented men. Front man Keith Buckley was in a particularly hilarious mood. Chanting about how he didn’t give a fuck about LeBron James or basketball in general. He also singled out a member of the crowd for being dressed like the Joker.

Immediately following ETID, Motion City Soundtrack took the stage. Motion City is an extremely high energy band with a load of devoted fans. The floor was overfilling with screaming fans. With each song they played the crowd screamed louder and louder. They played all their hits and everything in between. While I’ve only ever preferred their obvious songs, they put on an enjoyable show.

Alkaline Trio is one of those bands that I could not imagine my life without. They’ve been a constant for as long as I can remember. I have never seen them (as they were rained out the last time they played Warped Tour). I was ready more than ready. They, however, weren’t as exciting as I hoped they’d be. Granted their music is not exactly high energy and they did play songs I have been itching to hear live, they were merely lacking in the energy.

The Pretty Reckless was my main interest this year. Front woman Taylor Momsen is a sixteen-year-old actress who is very new to this whole music thing. She was commanding, enchanting, and incredibly sexual. She wore a lace dress, thigh highs, stirrups and high heels. Which was a little weird considering her age, but strangely appropriate considering her voice. She put on one of the better shows of the day.

The All-American Rejects are a band I have always love to hate. They sing catchy tunes, they’re pretty, but Tyson Ritter’s voice can be down right horrifying sometimes. I also feel as if all their music is the same and not very good to start with. This, however, changes whenever I’ve seen them live. Ritter is a goddamn rockstar. He owns the stage and the crowd. One could almost get high off this man’s energy.

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