Punk Goes Classic Rock Set For April Release

Punk Goes Classic Rock, the 9th release in the “Punk Goes” compilations series is set for release on April 27th, 2010. The complication will feature a selection of the best up-and-coming alternative rock bands doing their own cover versions of classic tracks by such bands as Journey, Queen, KISS, Def Leppard, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Blue Oyster Cult. Check out the track listing and album art below.

Track Listing

1. Hit The Lights “More Than A Feeling” (originally recorded by Boston)
2. VersaEmerge “Paint It Black” (originally recorded by The Rolling Stones)
3. The Almost “Free Fallin'” (originally recorded by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
4. Mayday Parade “We Are The Champions” (originally recorded by Queen)
5. The Summer Set “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite” (originally recorded by KISS)
6. We The Kings “Caught Up In You” (originally recorded by .38 Special)
7. A Skylit Drive “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” (originally recorded by Journey)
8. I See Stars “Your Love” (originally recorded by The Outfield)
9. Pierce The Veil “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” (originally recorded by Blue Oyster Cult)
10. Forever The Sickest Kids “Crazy Train” (originally recorded by Ozzy Osbourne)
11. The Maine “Pour Some Sugar On Me” (originally recorded by Def Leppard)
12. Envy On The Coast “All Along The Watchtower” (originally recorded by Bob Dylan)
13. Every Avenue “Take Me Home Tonight” (originally recorded by Eddie Money)
14. Never Shout Never “Bohemian Rhapsody” (originally recorded by Queen)
15. blessthefall “Dream On” (originally recorded by Aerosmith)


  1. matt says

    way to go, john, get into the awesome trend of genre labelling…. the “punk goes…” name has been used for a dozen compilations by now…. nofx (and by default, mefirst) are the only punk band that could even produce palatable covers… should they call it “post-core emo altern-rock goes pre-core late 80s early 90s anthems?”

  2. John says

    And I think we need to re-evaluate what “punk” is today. We need stop referencing that past and analyze what bands share the same atmosphere and managing as punk bands did twenty years ago. The thing that is frustrating is labels and corporations selling the word, “punk” to pick up sales and marketing a certain style of complication that has been going on for years. But these bands are by far no association with what “punk” is, or what it used to be. These are some of the most washed-down, straight run-of-the-day bands that I doubt are really in it, for the music. I mean, the mainstream of alternative music, really not referencing alternative at all. Perhaps call it “13 goes 80’s” referencing an age-range. I mean, come-on, envy and every avenue? I am from the town of EA and they have gone completely 100% pop. Run-down pop and some of those medicore post-screamo bands are not punk.

    It doesn’t really matter, any company to soberly release anything with such a cover is definitely infantilizing the market. P.S. I hate “genre labeling” but I think it is almost unavoidable sometimes when talking about music.

  3. matt says

    this time, john (if you are one and the same), ill agree with you. talk about infantilizing the market, the release’s whole lineup is under 25. it makes me think that its easier to hit it big now as long as you’re ok with being digested by the masses… im sure there are a few bands out there trying to bring down the propaganda machine from the inside only to get caught up in it. at the same time, didnt some of the greatest bands get into music just to avoid responsibility only to make timeless art in the process? we cant all be Rise Against (MY holy grail) who have dabbled in mainstream success to relay a message but managed to stay true to their own set of rules. (i still say billie joe rewrote “siren song for the counter culture” as american idiot. in fact, im grateful that its that being digested by 12 year olds and NOT siren song, but thats another topic altogether). but back to the point, john o’callaghan actually left “the summer set” to join the faster rising “the maine”, i swear envy is only around because they resemble rage against the machine, and all i heard about versaemerge until i bought the record was comparison to hayley williams (although theyre not that bad, theyre still real young; i have been a paramore fan since “all we know….” and i really hope they make it through the grinder as a whole). the machine will always be there to ruin potentially great bands, but at the same time, it saves us from falling into sideshow acts as we automatically shy away from mass release. im happy to know that i had to search to find and genuinely like the bands i do, not be spoon fed them. i cant imagine the goofs who legitimately LIKE lady gaga and the black eyed peas, or kanye…, or beyonce….

    ps thanks for letting me vent, driven far off rocks! seacrest, out!


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