Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K. Join Forces for Song Collaboration

Andrew W.K. - Soulja Boy, Matt and KimMatt & Kim, Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K. teamed up to release a brand new song titled “I’m A Goner”. The song is part of Converse’s Three Artists One Song collaboration. “I’m A Goner” is available for free on SoundCloud and can be streamed below. A video of the song is also available and can be seen after the jump.

Andrew W.K. had this to say about the song:

“The party gods of the universe set the wheels in motion and made it destiny that we all work together. I simply followed the will of the party music gods. Working with Soulja and Matt and Kim was a dream come true – it was a party – it was a fantasy turned into reality. I’ve been New York City friends with Matt and Kim for a while now. We toured together in Australia and I just loved them. It’s an energetic attitude that I can relate to. And talk about energy! Soulja Boy is the energy daddy. I’ve admired him very, very much since ever his first album came out and I think he’s just getting better and better. It’s the best music in the world for me. I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. When I got the invitation, I really was like, ‘Woah. I can barely believe this is happening. Yes!’

“When Kim and I sat down to write “I’m A Goner” we knew we wanted to make a song people can party to,” said Matt Johnson of Matt & Kim. “Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K’s lyrics and energy bring a whole new element to the song that we couldn’t be more excited about.”

Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy and Andre W.K., “I’m A Goner” by The FADER

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