Metro Station Break Up

Metro Station has broken up. An article regarding the break up can be seen below.

If there were one word for the Campus Activities Board’s concerts at Homecoming and Tigerfest this year, it might be “unpredictable.” Scheduled headliners Keri Hilson and Wale dropped out of the October Homecoming concert three weeks ahead and were replaced by Lupe Fiasco.

On Monday evening, Bridget Chase, assistant director of programming for student activities, got a call she was hoping not to receive. Metro Station, the scheduled opening act for Tigerfest on April 25, has broken up.

“Our middle agent called me to let me know and my first thought was ‘He’s got to be kidding,'” she said.

The band’s label, Columbia Records, has not yet responded to a request for comment.

In 2009, the band lost bassist Blake Healy and drummer Anthony Improgo. The band was most recently a two-man lineup featuring guitarist Trace Cyrus (half-brother to Miley) and singer Mason Musso. Announced as Tigerfest performers just two weeks ago, the pop-rock band would have opened for N.E.R.D on the Burdick Field stage.

However, Chase noted, Towson had not yet signed a contract with the band and that they were in a binding process as the final agreement was hammered out.

“We didn’t have any reason to think it was a disaster. It was the usual process,” she said.

From here, Chase and CAB are searching for a band that will be available that weekend and on the East Coast. Unfortunately, she said, that means most of the bands from CAB’s survey earlier this year are already booked.

“As we’re surveying students, those bands are taking dates as we’re doing that,” she said. “We’re going to see who else is out there who is not booked on that date. We really want to get a good name, obviously.”

Chase said she is taking the change with a sense of humor, however.

“Maybe it’s a funny year in the concert world for schools,” she said. “It has been an interesting and challenging year.”


  1. Jasmine Smith says

    Metro Station Needs to get there Act together and Think of all there fans out there tht are upset about wht has happened.

  2. mariah says

    WOW, I really luv this band. I even bought a shirt and have a bag with their name on it and bracelet. Why did this have to happen!!! :( Please Metro Station, get back together. I hope your reading all these comments. Please your fans luv you!!!! Mason, Anthony, Trace, and Blake. Come on guys. We luv your music!!!!!

  3. Ariana says

    i cant belive they broke up they needa gett backk together. i love them.!;( like i cryed too when i hurd they broke up.;( it upsets me saying that because like i love them their so incredibly unexplainable:)<33
    And that is like a bummer i wanted to see a concert and shizzz.
    Like i falll asleep to their cd everynight. my heart is broken</3

  4. Hannah says

    What the heck!?!? i cant believe this is happening!!! PLEASE METRO STATION GET BACK TOGETHER!!!!!! what happened anyway!?!

  5. Rudy says

    METRO WTHHHH. i freakin love you guys, please get back together your music gets the party started i need your enthusiastic music. it makes me cheery and hype when i hear it whenever im down.

  6. says

    =( you guys are mean. i love your music and i wish i was able to go see you guys live when you came to ATL! =( now i wont be able to say “I SAW A GREAT AMAZING BAND CALLED METRO STATION LIVE” =( mehhhh MEANIE!FACES! Meh!!!! seriously why the break up. you guys were doing sooo good and your music was AMAZING! its what i danced to and fell asleep too. i need you guys back! i love you sooo yeah GET BACK TOGETHER METRO STATION!

  7. Becca says

    omg, they was one immense band! i really wish you guys would get back together, no matter what i still listen to your music, mwah! :*

  8. rizza says

    Wat happen 2 u guys i luv ur music i never saw u guys in concert either you guys need 2 get back together !!!!=(


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