K Sera Interview- February 8, 2010

Can you please introduce yourself and your role in K Sera?

My name is Mike Caswell and I am the singer and one of the guitar players in K Será.

What is the history behind K Sera and its formation?

I started K Será almost 2 years ago in my bedroom closet. At the start of 2009 I finally found the right line up filled out by Sean Stack (guitar), David Christensen (keys), Jordan Mccoy (bass), & Dustin Combs (drums) and we spent over four months on the road doing over 100 shows and spending 3 weeks in Seattle, WA recording our new Album.

What kind of material is K Sera currently working on?

The songs we just recorded are a lot darker then our previous EP. We had Thomas Dutton of the band Forgive Durden produce the tracks and Casey Bates mix them, so they have great edgy feel to them. We were also able to incorporate orchestral elements into the record as well, which as always been a dream of mine.

How is the material you’re working on now different than projects you were doing in the past?

All of our previous bands were very different from what K Será is now. The diversity in our backgrounds is what makes this band work though. It allows us to splice genres and come up with something that we can call our own.

What has been the biggest accomplishment for K Sera?

The new record we recorded in Seattle with Thomas & Caey is hands down the best project I’ve been apart of, but the months of touring and being able to play the Warped Tour was also a total trip.

What are some of your goals for 2010?

The main goal of 2010 is to spread the good word and reach as many new listeners as possible. We’ll being doing our best to go back the cities we went to in 2009 and hopefully expanding to new ones as well.

How did you get started playing music? Did you know you always wanted to be in a band?

Everyone has their own story, but I started playing music so I could keep in touch with my friends I grew up with. The first band I was in was made up of myself and two brothers who I had known since I was 2. Music has always been something that helped me stay connected with people I really care about, but don’t get to see that often.

What are some of your major musical influences?

A few bands that have made a big impact on me in past few years have been The Dear Hunter, Pink Floyd, & Radiohead. I could easily fill a book with artists who’ve influenced me, but those three bands helped me to look at music from a different point of view. Our producer’s band Forgive Durden was also a big one. I believe our new record is a fine mix of WonderlandRazia’s Shadow.

What are some of your goals for K Sera as a whole?

We all have a common goal of constantly pushing ourselves to write the best music we possibly can. It’s that goal that unites & motivates us. The bands that stay relevant and earn a loyal fan base are the ones who give 100% in everything they do. I believe we can be one of those bands.

Any last words for our readers?

We will have our new single “Me Before Women & Children” free for download on purevolume.com starting on Feb 12th, so go get it. It’s free for God sake.

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