Hello Shitty People On Tour

Hello Shitty People, a band playing the southern gritty pop-punk before it got to be such a big thing, are going on tour. They have gotten together to tour the east coast and are also recording new songs. Listen to a song on 1-2-3-4 G0! Records myspace page. You can also order their LP off of No Idea Records.

Tour Dates:

8th- Milwaukee – ground zero house
9th – Chicago – relax bar
10th – Bloomington, in – house gone wylie
11th – Athens, oh – smiling skull saloon
12th – Columbus, oh – monster house
13th – Pittsburgh – kopec’s corner
14th – New York City, Brooklyn – tompkins house
15th – New Brunswick – bosnia house
16th – Baltimore – Barkely house
17th – off
18th – Asheville, nc – static age records
19th – recording
20th – Chattanooga – sluggo’s north
21st – Athens – the hanger
22nd- Gainesville – 1982

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