Violent Soho Interview


Can you please introduce yourself and your role in Violent Soho?

I am Luke Henery and I play the bass guitar.

Where are you guys from? How did you all get together?

We’re from the suburb of Mansfield, Queensland Australia. We were all friends at school, Everybody in the band was either engaged too, best friends with, or a long term partner of James’ sister. Nah. We all heard Luke’s songs and thought it was the shit.

What does the band name “Violent Soho” mean? How did that happen?

We wanted to call ourselves Ruby Soho from the Rancid song, and James wanted to call us The Violent. So we married the two. Not that we sound anything like Rancid.

Can you tell me about some of the albums and EPs you guys have put out?

First put out Pigs and TV which was our first EP. And then through that we met Dean Turner and recorded an album with him in Australia called We Don’t Belong Here. It was released in Australia on Emergency Music (Dean’s label) and now after touring heaps through Australia we got to record an album in Wales with Gil Norton which is like a compilation of some brand new stuff and some stuff from the other album, but it’s basically our debut album as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

Are you guys working on a record right now?

See above!

What are your touring plans for the rest of this year and 2010?

To keep touring as much as possible! Touring with Built To Spill, Raveonettes and Dinosaur Jr. so it’s all pretty fucking rad.

Do you guys find it difficult to break into the American music scene since you guys are from Australia?

Don’t know, we’ll give it a go and tell you in a year, We’re just excited to play some shows!

What are some of your musical influences?

Midget, Hateman, Bud, Tad, Dick Nasty, The Sips, Eat Lazer Scumbag, Mouth, The Nation Blue

What are some of your goals for Violent Soho?

To buy lots of guitar pedals eventually and to know how to use them. And to get bonkled. And grow beards.

Any last words?

Nathan Freeney was close enough to Violent Soho to nearly be in it, thanks to the stoops. Just because he has short hair that doesn’t mean he represents Mansfield!


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