Madina Lake Interview- May 7, 2009

madina_lake013Can you please introduce yourself and your role in Madina Lake?

Matthew and me plays bass.

How did the band come together?

We met in Chicago where we had previous bands who were competing for the attention of our then manager. Neither of us were satisfied musically so when we met, we bonded instantly over this and other ideas of what a musical situation could be. we decided to break up the old bands and make ML under these guiding principles.

Your new album is coming on May 5, 2009. How is this album different from your previous work?

This record is devoid of genre.  It’s more of who we are.  The last record was a little too pop-punk, this one is more alternative, and each song manages to be cohesive, while being completely different from one another.

How do you feel about the new album?

What are you most proud of and why?  We feel more satisfied and fulfilled with this record than we could have ever imagined.  We played at the edge of our abilities and we were fearless with every decision.  we tuned out the outside world and dove deep into whatever direction we felt like going, which even found us using a trumpet on one song lol.

How is the current tour going?

What other touring plans do you have for this year?  We are in the UK doing a headlining run with our friends the “audition”  it is dangerously fun and we are loving life.  after this we will do a run of USA dates, some festivals including Rockam Ring Rockam Park in germany and then spend all summer on warped.

What are some of your musical influences and why?

we were big fans of fleetwood mac, paul simon, NIN, smashing pumpkins.  we like the idea of big pop choruses and electronic verses with thick grooves and lots of space.

How did you guys get started playing music?

nathan and i went to see a show at the metro in chicago when we were kids.  it was a band called Hum and Silverchair  The second we walked in the outside world melted away and we were absorbed into this imaginary universe of like minded people.  we thought immediately, we have to do this.

So, do you have any interesting and/or funny stories to share from the road?

I was beyond thirsty the other night in the van around 3am and this beautiful bottle of evian water bumbed up against my foot.  i reached down unscrewed the cap and even squeezed the bottle as to get more of this delicious stuff into my mouth…only to discover seconds later that it was not so refreshing, it was nathan’s urine.

What direction would you like to see Madina Lake pursue?

I would love to go the way of Muse or Kings of Leon…bands that have nice long healthy careers while retaining their artistic vision and integrity and dodging the flash in the pan scenerio that some trendsters fall into.

Any last words for our readers at For The Sound?

Thanks for the opportunity,  we hope you enjoy us, but if not, godspeed and best of luck in your personal musical pursuit.


  1. CH says

    I love how they say it’s devoid of a genre, actually… I just love this band in general =D

  2. Alma Delia:) says

    I must say this is a great interview. Madina Lake is a great band, with great guys from my point of view!

  3. theharrypotternerd says

    I thier new cd is kinda different, but in a good way. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff at Warped. :)

  4. Tanveer says

    Ahahah. You gotta love the amount of stories they have about food, urine and digestion ;]
    Anyway, love the interview, Attics is amazing! Can’t wait till October :]

  5. xxCHUCKxx says

    Attics to Eden RULES!!
    The guys really did do an awesome job creating a unique album!! =)
    Can’t wait for the next UK tour =)

    …and yes, why must all their stories involve pee??!! XD

  6. Andrea says

    Great interview! Attics to Eden is amazing without a doubt.
    Can’t wait to see them at Warped!

  7. says

    ooh! I didn’t know Matthew and Nathan’s first show was at the Metro. coolieee.

    and nothing more fun than drinking your brother’s pee. he should know better than to drink any random bottle in that van!! hahaha

  8. Aparna says

    Great interview…gotta love the stories about bottles of piss rolling around in the van. Can’t wait to see you guys at Warped!

  9. Chancy says

    Great interview!
    that “funny story” never gets old
    oh no way you saw the man of many men (sliverchair singer) lol

  10. Deanna says

    Haha, being thirty and half-asleep obviously isn’t a good combo!
    I love the new album, and I can’t wait for Warped! :] August 1st!

  11. Anna says

    Haha drinking someone elses urine not nice!! The new album is amazing I look forward to the next time i get to see them live (hopefully in october if this extensive UK tour they’re planning comes to norwich)

  12. Julie_from_MI says

    Those boys are the most passionate and fun-loving guys I know. We are not fans, we are all friends :)


  13. Sophie says

    Nice interview. Love these guys – and NIN/ Smashing Pumpkins too 😀
    “me plays bass” – great grammer there Matthew XD
    And the drinking of the piss story will never get old lol

  14. Sharon says

    Awesome interview! Attics To Eden turned out realllllly good, way stoked to see them again on Warped Tour :)

  15. TheWoundedHoldOn says

    “bands that have nice long healthy careers while retaining their artistic vision and integrity and dodging the flash in the pan scenerio that some trendsters fall into.”

    Matthew, you couldn’t have said it any better. With fans like us, I’m sure ML will fall into this category.

  16. Sydne says

    LMAO the funny story that was included in the interview was pricelessly funny! lol I LOVE <3 ML and can’t wait to see them on warped tour this summer!

  17. Kristy says

    Aha, I love these guys so much. This was an awesome interview. Attics to Eden is just hands down AMAZING! July 21, [email protected], is just around the corner!

  18. Emily says

    Incredible band, incredible music. I was SO excited for Attics to Eden, and was actually really impressed. Their sound has matured quite a bit since the last album, and I really enjoyed the entire thing. I’m still listening to it on repeat, haha.

  19. hayleytodd says

    i love these guys!! ugh the new cd is absolutely amazing and i’m so proud of them. :) this interview was awesome, and it makes me even more excited to see them in 23 days @va beach!

  20. says

    I simply adore these boys! cant wait to see them in a few days! <3 them! truly amazing musicians and people in general..

  21. patrick says

    too bad this happened before browniegate, i believe that would have been the funny story, and i was loling when he said, “matthew and me play bass”

  22. Aurry says

    I dafinatelly love attics to eden and it really sounds different from madina lake first album. :] I love madina lake music :]

  23. Emz says

    atticus to eden is well wicked love every song on it & can relate to some of them madina lake are an awsume band that truely love their fans and cant wait till there back in scotland xx

  24. Pembe says

    Haha! They seem like great guys and obviously Madina Lake as a band is amazing
    I love the new album and am jealous of the lucky people who get to see them at Warped :(

  25. amyywinn says

    ewwwwwwwww, Nathan’s wee (;
    Madina Lake are awesome, i love Attics to Eden!

  26. jai jai says

    that story was pretty gross. attics to eden is an amazing cd, so many heartfelt lyrics. truly beautiful. :).

  27. Miranda says

    Amazing interview by Matthew. i love the ‘me play bass’ part. too funny.

    love the new album! go buy it!

  28. Ashley says

    Nice interview :]
    I Love Attics to Eden more than any album I own; it has so much talent and emotion put into it. Madina Lake is simply the best! Most exciting part of warped this year!

  29. Emily says

    That is beyond nasty, Matthew, about the bottle of urine. Yeah he should know better xD that van is a dangerous place. But obviously they’ve been through some desperate times in it, peeing into bottles and such… 😐
    Nice interview, interesting and funny

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