Danger Radio Launch New MySpace; Post New Song

Danger Radio has launched a new MySpace page with a new track titled “Broken Man” from their forthcoming full-length, Used and Abused. The bands new album is due out July 8th, check out the album art and track listing below. A pre-order for the album can be found over at West Aspen Merch with a free poster.

Danger Radio - Used and Abused

Track Listing

1. So Far Gone
2. One More Chance
3. Kiss ‘N’ Tell
4. Broken Man
5. Another Lesson in Love
6. Alive for the First Time
7. Used and Abused
8. Things
9. Your Kind (Speak to Me)
10. Slow Dance With a Stranger
11. All You Believe
12. Think About It
13. Where I Started


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