Aaron Gillespie Gets Thumb Surgery

Underoath drummer Aaron Gillespie had surgery on his thumb this past fall and now you can see a video of it. The video is on the bands upcoming Live CD/DVD Survive Kaleidoscope. Check out an update from the band below.

I am sure most of you have heard about this incident this past fall  but now is your chance to get a glimpse and actually watch Aaron getting surgery done on his thumb.  We won’t lie it is pretty graphic but Aaron’s commentary as it is going on will make you forget you are watching blood ooze everywhere for a few short seconds. Just to refresh your memory last fall when Underoath was on their headline tour Aaron got an infection in his thumb in Las Vegas and was rushed to the emergency room for surgery. To read the complete story and the video  head over to Headbangers Blog you can also read what Aaron had to say about the whole situation from his point of view.

If you don’t mind a little blood then you need to watch this video. It is definitely going to get a reaction out of you we promise!

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