Anberlin Post Studio Update

Anberlin has posted an updated from the studio. Check it out below.

well i cant promise i am going to do this for the entire recording process but i am so enthusiastic right now. met back with neil today we went over the 29 songs we have and i think we narrowed it down to… 28. we love all the songs, we have enough for 2 records, maybe we will do a “kid a/amnesiac” thing. who knows.
as for me i’m stuck lyrically. when you try to write 29 songs lyrically you find yourself topically working in circles, i only go through so much in one year, but needlessly i have dedicated myself to begin searching books, art, and friends for new directions.
i found out lenord cohen is going to be practicing at our practice space this weekend. wow.
i just want to live at that studio from now on.
rufus w. is playing as i type this here in LA tonight, but i am on my computer tonight trying to keep up with these blogs and friends back home.
hope this update finds you well!

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