The Valley Call It A Day

The Valley, a Australian alternative rock band has called it day. See below for their Myspace blog post on why they have decided to do so.

To our fans and friends,
In case you are wondering, and to give everyone a heads up on the situation of The Valley, we have decided to end the band and go our separate ways.
We’ve had an amazing journey as a band, through many highs and some real hardships, and we want to thank all our supporters and friends for sticking by us personally and as a band. We appreciate your prayers both past and present and appreciate all the people who came out to our shows, bought any merch, gave us a place to stay or hung out with any of us guys.
Each of us guys are getting busy with new projects, and we wish each other the best for them. Wayne is playing with his new band Dangerous, James is out on the road with Matt Corby, and Shaun is hitting the road with the Amity Affliction. Tim became involved with the Christian music scene in America, playing in churches and doing ministry and he will continue that in Australia and beyond as well. Tim and Ash will announce new band projects soon (and focusing on modelling careers) so keep an eye out for those.
So once again, thankyou so much for your support of The Valley…

The Valley

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