Grace Period Change Name To Your Sweet Uncertainty

Grace Period (ex. The Early November) have changed their name to Your Sweet Uncertainty. You can read a message from Jeff below.

because of our legal situation, we need to change our band name. so since there can be no more grace period.. were going to go back our old side project name, your sweet uncertainty.

to be honest.. we like the name, its not greatest band name in the world but it is certainly better than the other awful names we were coming up with. i called out of work and spent literally a whole day with mike throwing back and forth ideas. it got to the point where every good name we thought of was taken. it began to get extremely depressing. at one point i was dead set on naming our band “who gives a shit”.

we called steve (whos on his honeymoon) and told him that we had nothing. he suggested renaming our band your sweet uncertainty. back in 2004.. me, steve, and mike started a side project called your sweet uncertainty. we played one show and that was about it. i feel like we have some unfinished buisness with it considering we used it and then left it to die. so were gonna give this one a shot.

for those whove been wondering.. we did think of renaming the band finding westerly. we actually came real close to doing so.. but we didnt. reason being.. that band has too much history, too many member changes, too many unrealeased recorded songs, and most of all.. too much baggage. for a band that wants a fresh start, that wouldnt be a smart decision. we dont want that.

so now that the hard part is done, were going to start switching everything over all through this upcoming week.

– will soon be
– will soon be

and so on, and so on. you get the point. everyone whos friends with grace period on myspace will be friends with your sweet uncertainty when we do the switch. so thats pretty cool..

we have alot more coming up until the release of the record. presale is also going to start soon! we hope you like the name. alot more coming soon!

thanks for your support guys

– jeff

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