Paramore Not Happy About Kerrang Article

A recent article in Kerrang featuring Paramore got things stirring in a not so pleasant way. Hayley has posted a response on the bands LiveJournal. You can read it below.

first off, i apologize for not hanging out after the show tonight at the Underground.
i came back to our hotel as soon as i could so i could write this.

this afternoon we were so excited that kerrang was finally putting out a cover of the 4 of us.
that was until we read the article.

i’m trying to be careful about what i say because although we are pretty upset about it, it’s not something that i feel like is worth the time or effort of saying something that all of us might regret later. needless to say, we could’ve done without a cover piece. sorry, if it offends anyone at kerrang! but i don’t think there was one bit of truth in that article.

in as few words as possible i’d just like to set some things straight:

– the boys are not my bitches. haha.
-josh doesn’t touch my breasts, nor do we feel so comfortable around each other that we wouldn’t mind if he did touch them. that is just weird, i’m sorry.
– sure, our relationship with hunter is not the same as it once was but we still consider him a friend and love that dude to death.
– lastly, zac and jeremy are not interested in exploring a romantic relationship together.

i probably missed a few important points… but just looking at that little list right there is surely proof that mr. journalist was willing to write anything for a juicy story. however, you did get one thing right mr., i do agree, my head is rather large in proportion to my body… and we all know for a fact that i’m not a very curvy girl. i’d give anything to gain 5 or 10 pounds, actually! haha

isn’t it funny that the last kerrang! cover piece we had began the exact same way? it’s all about me being large and in charge. do you think it’s just a coincidence? or do some people just not know how to react to a girl knowing what she likes? oh well… there’s not really any point in going on anymore. i think our point has been made.

phew, it feels good to vent.
thanks for reading that ha.

so, the boys just walked in to my room and said that they talked to some of you after the show. we are really excited to hear that you guys didn’t buy that crap. at least the pictures looked pretty cool, eh?

we really love you guys a lot. thanks for believing in this band and what we stand for.
i hope that we can continue to grow together. after all, with the release of RIOT! there might be other articles like this one. it’s good to know that you guys know who we really are.

alright, well i guess i’m off to boss the guys around and tell them to get in their own beds… it’s just so hard when zac and jeremy can’t seem to keep off of each other. not to mention, josh can’t seem to stop worrying long enough to shut his eyes… we are the biggest teeny rock disaster that ever happened to “EMO SUPERSTARDOM”… what a load of sssssssssssssstop here.

haha sorry that was really the last bit of sarcasm i had in me. i had to get it out.

HAYLEY and her band that doesn’t really matter, right?

okay seriously, that’s it… not another word.



ps. tonight’s show (@ the UNDERGROUND in London) was the most fun we’ve had in a very long time. thanks for cheering us up! :-)


  1. Livee says

    I got really upset when i heard about that.
    But Hayley says everything the best it could be said.
    And dont worry, your heads not that big. Seriously.

  2. says

    aw good old hayley!!

    You tell them! lol

    Im glad she mention that the gig was “the most fun we’ve had in a very long time”! im glad! I enjoyed it too!

  3. Helena says

    Aw, Hayley seems like a nice person and she sticks up for herself, which is awesome. An American using sarcasm?! Amazing. I’d like to read this article, just to see exactly what it says. Does anyone know where I can read it? On the internet, I mean.

  4. Nik says

    Like anyone believed that cr@p anyway, glad to see ure not taking it to heart and that no one else believes it too ;D

  5. Dylan says


  6. says

    Hahaha this is so off.
    Haha I’m not saying Zac and Jeremy are all on each other, but Hayley’s a fucking bitch for realssss.
    I met her at warped last year, through like Micah and stuff.
    I didn’t like her at all.
    Hahaha Just because I had orange hair she thought we could be BEST FRIENDS EVER!
    She was such a bitch.
    She should die.
    I dont like people like her.

  7. says

    for “hannah the harlequin”
    you shouldve just shut didnt really say anything helpful or nice or anything that really matters..i think youre just jealous of hayley because she isnt afraid of letting people know what she thinks or feels..
    hayley’s nice, and so what if she had orange hair? you can call her a bitch then?

  8. says

    for umm, that crynuh chick or whateverrrr.

    You obviously missed everything I said, yes? I have MET miss Hayley (who’s name makes me sick), and she can indeed be a bitch.
    I mean, I was kinda iffy when I posted that earlier and sometimes she actually can be kinda normal, but like she can get too bitchy and shit tooooooo easy.
    I can’t say anything nice about her, that is the point of a bad review.
    I’m not jealous of Hayley at all, haha. I’m not afraid of letting people know of how I think or feel. Which I am doing now and I did previiously.

    I didn’t say anything bad about her hair, I said she just expected us to be best friends because I had orange hair too.
    Read stuff more clearly before you decide to answer.
    It would be incredibly smart.

  9. crynuh says

    HARLEQUIN person…
    “Hahaha this is so off.
    Haha I’m not saying Zac and Jeremy are all on each other, but Hayley’s a fucking bitch for realssss.
    I met her at warped last year, through like Micah and stuff.
    I didn’t like her at all.
    Hahaha Just because I had orange hair she thought we could be BEST FRIENDS EVER!
    She was such a bitch.
    She should die.
    I dont like people like her.”

    when did i ever say that you said something bad about HAYLEY’s hair?

    besides, sometimes what you think or what you feel is best kept to yourself, especially when you dont personally know the person..^^
    and you know what i think? i think youre pretty much a fucking bitch too, i mean, based on the things that youve posted..^^

  10. says

    aww dudes come on theres no need for all this bad abuse just leave it i think it was awesome that hayley spoke that interview was wack! load of lies its paramore not hayley and the guys an her head isnt big shes amazingly talented super pretty and a christian she;s a great role model and so are the guys there great at what they do and thats that so if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all!

  11. says

    Dudee, oh my gosh when I got that magazine. I was soo pissed off. You don’t even know. My friends read it, and of course Paramore is my all time favorite band. So, a lot of my friends thought i was crazy to still like them. ANYWAYS, I always knew it wasn’t true. Hayley your awesome. Paramore is amazing.

  12. emma says

    hannah the harlequin

    wow. it kinda sounds like you don’t know what sarcasm is. or recongize when people are trying to be nice or break the ice. lighten up and chill out, i mean god fucking dammit, i don’t think i would like someone as uptight as you.

    sarcasm, paramore, love it.

  13. Jayden says

    I love Hayley!
    She is so cute, and adorable, and she is not afraid to speak her mind!
    I can’t wait til warped!

  14. flynna says

    hang on ?
    since when is paramore
    emo ?
    like the whole 4 years i have known them i didnt know that they were emo,
    why doesnt anybody tell me lol!
    love paramore forever

  15. VictoriaBee says

    *high fives crynuh*
    OMG ima go see them in 6 days!!!
    I soooooooo can;t wait!
    Well done Hayley for setting them straight!
    See ya in Scotland!

  16. anita says

    *highfives crynuh harder*

    whoa, dude, that article sounds like hardcore bs LOL

    when is paramore coming to aus D:?

  17. aeslehc says

    isnt it sad when low life people come on sites like this and say sh*t about people that they dont even know.. not talking about anyone at all.. >.< (Hannah the Harlequin) people like this really do need a life..

    anyway. yes go hayley, what a legend you are for setting things straight.. journalists really annoy me cause, boy they sure can make up some bullsh*t…
    and yeah where can this article be read anyway?

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