New Atlantic – The Streets, The Sound, and The Love

New Atlantic

Artist: New Atlantic
Album: The Streets, The Sound, and The Love
Label: Interpunk
Release Date: April 10, 2007

Overall: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Lyrics: 9.0
Production: 7.0

Here’s a band that has done nearly constant touring since they have banded together few years back. All the while they were unsigned, and still managed to get the deserved recognition of most signed indie bands. Managed by The Starting Line’s  guitarist Matthew Watts, they have also managed to share the stage on tour with bands such as The Starting Line and Cartel. Now they have released this album on Eyeball Records, which is their first album released on a record label.

This cd starts off with “Cold-Hearted Town”, which is one of my favorites.  It starts off with an upbeat/rock-like tempo with soaring guitars and smooth perfect on pitch vocals that just layered over the guitars and rhythm to the song. The next song “Wire And Stone” I am quite sure is their single or most popular song, is another great pop rock song, which will most likely be some kind of a hit among the band’s listeners. For most fans of Cartel you can notices that Will Pugh from Cartel sings the backup vocals in the chorus.  There are other great rock songs like “Now That You’re Gone” and “I Won’t Be Back”, and there are some  more slower emotional songs like “What It’s Like To Feel Small” and “Safer Times”. The title track ends the album with gathered atmosphereic vocals with a bridge chanting ‘Give it up’, which makes for a great closing track.  From what I can tell there is only one older track, “Late Night Television”.

My favorite things about the album are mainly the vocals, catchy melodies, and pretty much the entire style of music the band puts together. The only complaint I have about it is really production quality, which is easily overlooked due how great the music is. New Atlantic maybe an old band to some and new to others right now, but before much longer this band is going to blow up.  If you have never listened to them, this album is the perfect chance to jump on the bandwagon and check out a new amazing band before they get big. This is a great album and I am very impressed with what they have done.

Stand Out Tracks
“Now That You’re Gone”, “Wire And Stone”, “Cold-Hearted Town”, “I Won’t Be Back”

1. Cold-Hearted Town
2. Wire And Stone
3. Now That You’re Gone
4. You Get Me
5. What It Feels Like To Be Small
6. I Won’t Be Back
7. So If You Try
8. Safer Times
9. Late Night Television
10. The Ever After
11. The Streets, The Sound, and The Love


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