Boys Like Girls In Van Accident

Boys Like Girls were in a van accident yesterday. Everyone walked away unharmed. You can read a message from the band below.

So the other day we were driving through a huge snow storm at about 1 in the morning. John was behind the wheel, I (Paul) was in the passanger’s seat starting to fall asleep. We had been driving about 25 mph all night because of the crazy snow and ice, and it looked like we were coming up on dry roads. So john got us back up to about 65/70 mph and it seemed like we were cruisin’. All of a sudden we started fishtailing (for what felt like an eternity) and end up sliding down the highway completely sideways until we ran into a ditch in the left side of the road. Luckily and most importantly everyone (and less importantly everything) was okay.

We all ended up calming down, and recorded a whole bunch of video before we got towed out an hour later.

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