Boys Like Girls – Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls

Artist: Boys Like Girls
Album: Boys Like Girls
Label: Red Ink / Columbia
Purchase: Smart Punk
Release Date: August 22, 2006

Overall: 9.3
Music: 9.5
Lyrics: 9.2
Production: 9.5

Every year, one band tends to stick out to me more than others. Last year, it was Paramore. This year, it’s Boston’s Boys Like Girls. If pure, hook-filled, melodic, pop music is your thing, then BLG’s self-titled debut is right up your alley.

I can’t stress enough how every track on this album has the potential to be a hit single.
From the opening three songs “The Great Escape,” “Five Minutes to Midnight,” and the first single “Hero/Heroine,” this album screams “next big thing.” The rest of the disc is hook after hook of sugarcoated goodness. Following the tradition of The Academy Is…, Paramore, theAudition, and Hit the Lights, Boys Like Girls are my new favorite sing a long band.

Martin’s voice has a ridiculously varied range. It’s showcased on every song on the album. John, Paul, and Bryan back him up, bringing on some of the best music I’ve heard in this genre since every high school kid with a guitar listened to one pop-punk song and said, “I can do that.”

Lyrically, the songs tackle issues like taking on life head-on, relationships, and making the best of things. If you’re ever feeling down, this album will help perk up your attitude.

This is the Matt Squire production I knew and loved. That other album must have been a fluke.

With a great live show, and an excellent debut under their belts, Boys Like Girls are standing on the edge of being this year’s Panic! or Fall Out Boy, practically begging for mainstream success. If you’re not too much of a snob to admit you like ridiculously poppy music, pick this album up.

Track Listing
1. The Great Escape
2. Five Minutes To Midnight
3. Hero/Heroine
4. On Top Of The World
5. Thunder
6. Me, You, And My Medication
7. Up Against A Wall
8. Dance Hall Drug
9. Learning To Fall
10. Heels Over Head
11. Broken Man
12. Holiday


  1. Hawt says

    Hell yes, this is the kind of review I am dig. I’m not afraid to admit that I love ridiculously poppy music. So many people are like “this music is so mindless, check out Dream Theatre so see how music should be played!!!”

    Everyones beef with pop-punk seems to be that it is all catchy powerchords and it’s not “technical”. Who cares?! I would take this over a more “technical” album any day. I enjoy more progressive music every now and then like Forgive Durden or Gatsbys American Dream (thats about as far as I go). But if I am going to be blasting a a CD in my car it is going to be something poppy and exciting that can pump my state up.

    I was really disappointed when I saw the other reviews for this CD and especially the new hellogoodbye. They were tearing these bands apart because they just can’t accept them for what they are, fun sing-a-long music. I will admit that I was a little disappointed that there were only 4 new songs on the hellogoodbye cd, but I still enjoy the whole thing even though I don’t really like the “computerized” vocals too much. They are growing on me though.
    I think “The Great Escape” would have been the best choice for the first single though.

  2. says

    I love Boys Like Girls so much. and they’re from Boston which makes everything even sweeter for me. I love when I see boston bands grow and become big. My personal favorites on the cd are Heels over Head and The Great Escape. I love Dance Hall Drug though too. Anyway, Great review. =)

  3. jamie says

    These guys are so good!!!But I don’t think I agree that they’re pop. Although I don’t mind listening to pop,I think they sound more like alternative, but that’s just me talking!The lead singer, Martin, has a really nice voice. My favorites would have to be Thunder, Learning to Fall, and On Top of the World. Most of the bands I like aren’t well known like Something Corporate(love them!)so I’m glad that I actually found a band that people know about!Well good review. I’d recommend that album to anyone!

  4. Katherine says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this CD!
    I got it for Christmas and I’m in love w/ them!
    “Hero/Heroine” “Heels Over Head” “Dance Hall Drug” “Top of The World” “5 Mins To Midnight” and “The Great Escape” are the best ones on there! It’s so upbeat and the the lyrics are really good. They cheer me up whenever I’m feeling blahh… :) I would Die to go to one of their concerts!! 😀

  5. Natasha says

    OMG – I saw these guys live at the weekend, and they were AMAZING! So Good! 😀 Deff gonna buy their CD when I get the chance! 😀

  6. Cameron Nowlin! says

    Omg i am in love with Boys Like Girls!
    They are the Best band ever made!
    Im going to their concert in 5 Days with The Rocket summer and Hellogoodbye and all of my friends are going to i cant wait!
    and im in love with all the guys their all amazing!!
    Love cam!!

  7. Cayla says

    I ABSOLUTLY LOOOOOOOOOOOVE boys like girls and i LOOOOOOOOOOVE there CD!!!!!! it’s awesome i listen 2 it on my ipod like EVRY day!!!!!! i love evry single 1 of the songs on that cd and i just LOVE boys like girls period!!! i neeeeeeeeed tickets 2 there concert NEEEEEED THEM!!!!! i love them so much!!!!!!

  8. devynn says

    Boys like girls is great. Last years the big bands were Panic! and Fall out boy, now it’s boys like girls. Every song on their album is meaningful and many people can relate to them. If your feeling down, or you just need some great music to listen to, boys like girls would be my number one choice. I agree that they’re rather “poppy”, but i also think they sound more alternative. Like in “up against the wall”, and “Me, you, and my medication.” But overall, they’re by far my favorite band ever. I saw them live, and they were just as great as they are on their CD. Martins got a greatttt voice and Paul, Bryan, and John back him up with great instrumental skills. I’d recommend this CD to anybody who simply loves music! Best CD ever. :)

  9. AALEIYAH says


  10. Deanna Mancuso says

    OH MY GOSH!!!! i haven’t missed ONE concert they’ve preformed yet! i LOVE boys like hirls! their music rocks! and personally… SO DOES THEIR SEXY ASS BASS PLAYER!!!!

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