Bullets And Octane – In The Mouth of The Young

Bullets And Octane

Artist: Bullets And Octane
Album: In The Mouth of The Young
Label: RCA
Purchase: Smart Punk
Release Date: April 11, 2006

Overall: 8.0
Music: 7.8
Lyrics: 8.0
Production: 8.0

Gene’s gritty vocals along with the rest of the bands hard hitting drums, executed bass lines, and amazing guitar playing make for the rest of the CD to be a down in the dirt straight up rock and roll album. “Going Blind,” “My Disease,” “I Ain’t Your Savior,” and “Save Me Sorrow” are a hard kick in the face while “Last Mistake” and “Cancer California” take the notch down just a bit. If you’re looking for great guitar riffs check out “Queen Mirage” and “All Hail Halo.” In the mood for something along the lines of a ballad then take a listen to “Bathroom Floor” and by the end of the cd they’re waiting to be back in your face with “Mine Now” which is just as intense as the opening song. This album leaves no fan left unpleased, but left wanting more and more. This album isn’t just great to listen while you’re at home, in your car, or wherever you may be but the entire band executes it perfectly on stage with just as much energy being put off through your speakers.

Track Listing:
1. Going Blind
2. My Disease
3. Save Me Sorrow
4. I Ain’t Your Savior
5. Cancer California
6. Last Mistake
7. Signed In Alcohol
8. Queen Mirage
9. Caving In
10. Bathroom Floor
11. All Hail Halo
12. Mine Now

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