Silverstein – 18 Candles: The Early Years


Artist: Silverstein
Album: 18 Candles: The Early Years
Label: Victory
Purchase: Smart Punk
Release Date: May 30, 2006

Overall: 7.0

I’m not going to give anything else a rating on this, simply because everything is too varied to give individual ratings.

More bands should do this, though. This is a really nice collection of rare, old, and b-side tracks. However, I can’t help but feel this is a way for Victory to milk even more money from this band.

Listening to the first few tracks on this album reminds me of random bands that send me friend requests on myspace. The recording quality isn’t too great, but you still get a feel for the potential of a band. I tend to like rough sounding recordings, and I think it adds to the charm of these songs. Throw in some demos of songs from “When Broken Is Easily Fixed” and “Discovering the Waterfront” and the progression of the songs’ sounds shows. The real gems are the acoustic versions of “My Heroine” and “Call It Karma”(easily one of the best songs this band has ever constructed.) A few live tracks and a ridiculous dance remix of “Smile In Your Sleep” help round this collection out and make it a must have for any Silverstein fan.

1. Waiting Four Years
2. Wish I Could Forget You
3. Friends In Fallriver
4. Summer’s Stellar Gaze
5. My Consolation
6. Forever and a Day
7. Red Light Pledge
8. Dawn of the Fall
9. Wish I Could Forget You
10. Bleeds No More
11. Last Days of Summer
12. Waiting Four Years
13. My Heroine(Acoustic)
14. Call It Karma(Acoustic)
15. Discovering the Waterfront(Live)
16. Defend You(Live)
17. Bleeds No More(W/wiL from Aiden Live)
18. Smile In Your Sleep(Dance Remix)


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    i wouldn’t recommend this album to anyone who has never listened to Silverstein but once you are already a fan this is an amazing album..i love it because it lets you feel like you get into this band at a deeper level but i’ll admit i am a little biased because Silverstein is my favorite.

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