Cute Is What We Aim For – The Same Old Blood Rush With a New Touch

Cute Is What We Aim For

Artist: Cute Is What We Aim For
Album: The Same Old Blood Rush With a New Touch
Label: Fueled By Ramen
Purchase: Smart Punk
Release Date: June 20, 2006

Overall: 5.5
Music: 5.6
Lyrics: 5.7
Production: 5.4

Having followed this band since last summer, I had high hopes for this album. They were shattered to an extent. There’s an odd thing going on with this disc. Usually, the first half of an album is good and the last half is forgettable. It’s reversed here.

Cute have delivered twelve tracks that leave me mixed on where this album stands in my collection.

“Newport Living” suffers from an awkward opening and bad lyrics like, “If you lie, you don’t deserve to have friends.” Whereas “Risque” is just skippable altogether. Fan favorite “There’s a Class For This” suffers from new production and an out of place and bored William Beckett. “Sweat the Battle Before the Battle Sweats You” is a decent song that sounds more full in comparison to the ones before it. “The Fourth Drink Instinct” was the first compelling song on the album.

“Sweet Talk 101″ has an opening that could very well be ripped from Coheed and Cambria’s “Three Evils.” Seriously, listen to their openings back to back. Sketchy.

There’s also the songs that helped this band gain its popularity. “Finger Twist and Split” sounds overproduced now, opposed to the more natural feel of the demo. It still tends to stick out more than other songs on here. “Lyrical Lies” suffers from Shaant trying to be fancy with his vocal style and it takes away from the charm of this slow burner. “Teasing To Please” could possibly be the best song on this disc, actually improving on the demo.

New tracks “I Put the Metro in Metronome,” “Curse of Curves,” and “Moan” try their best to make this album worth a purchase as they’re all gems. “Curse of Curves” sounds sped up when compared to the original internet preview. Maybe it’s just me, but if anyone else can tell, please let me know.

The album is definitely pulled down by the repeated use of certain lyrics. I’m not just talking in certain songs, either. The word “gent(s)” is used numerous times throughout the disc. It also takes choruses to a new annoyance, having them repeat more times than they should.

I used to think Matt Squire could do no wrong, but alas, good things don’t last. This is my least favorite Squire-produced album, and honestly, there were not any others that I disliked.

The band is still young, and I don’t think they were ready to step up to Fueled By Ramen. This is one of the label’s weakest signings of the past two years. They have potential, but they need to stop trying so hard to be witty and liked. This album is a victim of “the angles.” If you’re just glancing at it, it seems like a pretty safe bet, but in the age of the “myspace generation” the real thing just isn’t what you were hoping for.

1. Newport Living
2. There’s a Class For This
3. Finger Twist and Split
4. Risque
5. Sweat the Battle Before the Battle Sweats You
6. The Fourth Drink Instinct
7. Sweet Talk 101
8. The Curse of Curves
9. I Put the Metro In Metronome
10. Lyrical Lies
11. Moan
12. Teasing To Please(Left Side, Strong Side)

Standout Tracks: The Fourth Drink Instinct/The Curse of Curves/Moan/Teasing To Please


  1. Mikey says

    Hey Nice Review I Like Ciwwaf But I Agree
    I Love Coheed and Cambria Alot And I Noticed What you also Said I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Notice It

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