Fivespeed – Morning Over Midnight


Artist: Fivespeed
Album: Morning Over Midnight
Label: Virgin Records
Purchase: Amazon
Release Date: January 24, 2006

Overall: 7.7
Lyrics: 7.5
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

After reviewing Fivespeed’s Bella EP this past summer I was actually looking forward to their full-length. Overall I was pulled in by Jared’s voice as it’s nothing short of spectacular. On Morning Over Midnight Fivespeed unleash a flurry of new songs that pick up where their EP left us hanging. “Fair Trade” opens the CD to a powerful and vocally ear pleasing song. Jared’s voice is not something you can ignore on this track leg alone this CD. The band bring along their powerful style and sugar sweeten it with lots of melody throughout this whole album. On the title track “Morning Over Midnight” the band slows things down just a notch to more of a radio friendly track. The band has overall polished their sound since their EP but have they done it a little bit to much? Both “The Mess” and “Vegas” have been carried over from the bands EP to this full-lenght. These songs have more of an old prog or grudge feel to them compared to their new tracks. Besides the emotion that “Touch Of One” gives off the rest of the tracks are rather disappointing. They slow things down way to much for what I was expecting this album to be. You can rule out this as being a great hard rock album and throw it in the not what you expected pile.

I think the band was either pushed or thought for themeless that they should streamline their sound to be radio friendly. Their EP showed a lot of originality where as now they are floating down the mainstream rock river. I hope the band takes things up a notch on their future releases and doesn’t follow the radio friendly major label way.

Track Listing
1. Fair Trade
2. The Mess
3. Morning Over Midnight
4. Blame It On You
5. Vegas
6. Lights
7. Touch Of One Listen
8. Drive (Field Guide)
9. Wait Forever Listen
10. Misery Loves Company

Standout Tracks
“Fair Trade”, “Touch Of One”, “The Mess”

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