Kaddisfly interview


1. So what is your name and rank (what you play)?

My name is Kelsey and I usually play guitar.

2. Where did you guys get the name?

As the story goes, there is no real story behind it. It is an insect that is native to where we live and it is a nice word. Also, I think Chris did a report on them in school.

3. You guys have just wrapped up a major touring stint, was there a venue that was particularly memorable?

This whole tour has been amazing…Ohio was great, New Hampshire…the list goes on and on…

4. What has been the general fan reaction to the new material on “Buy Our Intention…”?

Positive… I think for anyone who was into the previous material it was pretty easy to digest. Stylistically, it is definitely more diverse, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

5. Did you see it as a departure or evolution from the “Did you know people can fly”?

From my eyes (eyes that were not in the band), I see “Buy Our Intention” as the next logical step. It is still in the same vein, and the same band, but you can sense the growth.

6. What were some of the geneses for song ideas on “Buy Our Intention”?

We never really set out to write specific types of songs; they just sort of ooze out. We knew that we wanted it to be more diverse, but we never really tried (if that makes any sense).

7. As a very progressive band you use tons of unusually instrumentation, can you describe some of the more atypical sounds you’ve used in your songs.

A lot of the instrumentation stems from us wanting to create a mood and feel, rather than using them as a novelty. On the record we used kalimbas, concert bells, melodicas, wine glasses, organ…anything that could help create a mood.

8. What are some of your musical influences?

I grew up listening to Dire Straits, The Police, Toto, Yes and Enya, thanks to my parents. My dad also listened to a lot of jazz, which has a big influence on my playing. Lately, I have been listening to Isis, Minus The Bear, Botch, Steely Dan, R.E.M. and Pinback, to name a few.

9. You mentioned on your website that you’re going to settle down for a couple of months and write material for the new record. You’ve set the working album title as “Set Sail The Prairie” what is the story behind that? Isn’t it also a track title on “Buy Our Intention..”?

The next record will be “Set Sail The Prairie” and the second installment in a trilogy of albums that will end on “Horses Galloping On Sailboats”. The title track on “Buy Our Intention” represents current time, “Set Sail” the future and “Horses Galloping” the end of time…heavy stuff haha.

10. What more can you tell me about the new record? How different will it sound compared your previous releases?

The best way I can describe it is that it will be more cohesive like “Did You Know” but still have the diversity of “Buy Our Intention”. It will be one solid unit of music. It will span 12 tracks and 12 months. I am beyond excited to finish writing, start recording and presenting it to the fullest…it will be large.

11. Where do you or would you like to see the band in two years?

Writing, playing and performing…playing to more and more people, getting better at our instruments, going to Europe…the whole 9 yards.

12. Alright last real question… what are your personal views on copyrighted file sharing, as far as music downloading and burning.

To me, it all depends on the situation. If you are checking out a smaller band, downloading their cuts, and you enjoy it, support them and buy their album. They need it. If you just want to dance to “Rappers Delight”, I say download it.

13. Thanks for the interview, any last words for the fans?

Thank you thank you thank you….keep it real, booyaka booyaka boo.

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