Number One Gun Interview March 9th, 2004


Bryce: First off i would to thank you guys for the awesome show, it was a really good time.

Trevor: Sure
Jeff: Thanks
Trevor: Thank You

Bryce: Ok first off lets get your names and what you play in the band.

Trevor: My name is Trevor Sellers and i play bass, in a band!
Jeff: I’m Jeff Schneeweis i sing and play guitar.

Bryce: Alright very cool.

Bryce: You guys have been touring non stop since your album came out.

Jeff: Pretty Much
Trevor: For the most part, yeah. Before it came out actually.
Jeff: Yeah, actually before it came out. It’s been really good. You’ve asked how it’s been?

Bryce: Yeah

Jeff: It’s been really fun, we have met a lot of cool people.

Bryce: Any bigger shows, bigger then tonight, i know it’s not very big here.

Jeff: Yeah, i mean we just played with Reliant K on the west coast. Those are big shows, that was fun, a good tour.

Bryce: So who has been your favorite?

Trevor: Bleach
Jeff: Or Pax too, it’s hard to tell.
Trevor: I think the most fun i’ve had was with Bleach and John Reuben.

Bryce: So pretty much all good friends?

Jeff: Oh yeah
Trevor: Yeah

Bryce: Do you guys prefer being on the road, or do you like recording too?

Trevor: Touring is so much fun, but then like i think when it kinda feels like time to write new songs that seems like fun. We haven’t really done that yet, like we didn’t tour at all, we wrote songs and then we started touring. I think it would fun to take a break.

Bryce: Have you guys written anything new? I know your album just came out in August.

Jeff: Yeah we played that new one tonight. And we have some in the works, but they aren’t complete, but we are going to start writing, putting it all together soon here.

Bryce: The kids have been reacting pretty good to the shows?

Jeff: Yeah it’s been really good.
Trevor: Yeah

Bryce: What can i find in your CD players right now?

Trevor: Today we listened to Beloved. We listened to As I Lay Dying. We listened to a lot of Copeland.
Jeff: Blindside, Emery. We have so many CD’s its unreal.

Bryce: Do you guys fight over what your going to listen too?

Jeff: No. We actually kinda are the same.
Trevor: There are certain times where its like we don’t want to listen to something.
Jeff: Yeah

Bryce: So something laid back now and harder later?

Trevor: It’s been a lot laid back lately just cause we have a lot of CD’s like that. They are nice to drive too.

Bryce: Have you guys heard of of Spitalfield?

Trevor: Yeah heard of them.

Bryce: Thats good stuff, I have been listening to them a lot.

Bryce: So do you guys have any crazy stories from being on the road?

Jeff: Wait wasn’t that just one we had or something?
Trevor: No that was Sensfield
Jeff: Oh
Trevor: Or something like that.
Jeff: Alright
Trevor: Haha ok.

Jeff: Oh yeah, that one we can’t say that one. Bleach
Trevor: Oh that one
Jeff: No we can’t say that one. The motel one.
Trevor: Yeah we can’t say that one, lol.
Jeff: Other then that i wish we could say that one. But that was pretty funny.
Trevor: I’m trying to think of crazy stuff. We don’t go out and like find trouble at all so it’s like. It hasn’t come to us yet so we have been pretty lucky.
Jeff: We try to have fun!! Oh yeah tell them about the guy that chased us.
Trevor: Oh yeah, there was a guy in a laundry-mat in Nebraska.
Jeff: Something like that.
Trevor: Yeah and we kept yelling at him through this megaphone we have.

Bryce: lol

Jeff: Just like total noises.
Trevor: We like saw him all over town, like two or three different times. Finally the last time we were in the parking-lot at the laundry-mat and we yelled at him. He put down his food and starting chasing after our car.

Bryce: lol

Jeff: He was driving so we just took off in the van.
Trevor: There was traffic coming so we couldn’t pull out in the street so we pulled into this alley. He ran up and hid in these bushes.
Jeff: He threw a water bottle at us.
Trevor: It was pretty crazy, he was like chasing after the car.
Jeff: We weren’t doing it to be rude, we were just having fun, making noises.

Bryce: I heard Side Walk Slam was held at gunpoint one time?

Trevor: Oh yeah they said they were at a Waffle House and somebody came in a demanded everyone to put there wallets on the table. The drummer or somebody stood up and the guy like put the gun up against him.
Jeff: When was this?
Trevor: Like on their last tour or something.
Jeff: Wow

Bryce: Probably don’t want that happening to you.

Jeff: No.
Trevor: No not at all.

Bryce: So anything else guys? It was a good show.

Trevor: Thank You.
Jeff: Thanks. It was a good show, in a basement!

Bryce: I haven’t been here before. We don’t get very many concerts here so we try to hit everyone we can.

Trevor: Yeah thats what it seems like.

Bryce: So you drive to South Dakota next.

Trevor: Yeah.
Jeff: Yeah.
Trevor: We look day to day.
Jeff: Yeah we go day by day.
Trevor: Just need to know how long to drive.

Bryce: I just saw your video for “Starting Line”, your in the back of a truck trailer, how was that?

Jeff: That was awesome, it was like the most fun we ever had. All the kids were in there, it was so energetic.
Trevor: Like on our end was all the lights and that was the closed end. The open end was like a walk-in freezer.
Jeff: It didn’t even matter, where we were was really hot.

Bryce: Were those lighting effects actual lights or were they just put in the video.

Jeff: There were floodlights behind us, and like lights on the sides. But they added some stuff to the video.

Bryce: Well its very cool.

Jeff: Thanks.

Bryce: Well thank you for your time guys. Have fun on tour.

Jeff: Yeah, thanks.
Trevor: Yeah.


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