A Skylit Drive Interview



I recently had the chance to talk to lead vocalist, Michael “Jag” Jagmin from the Lodi, California based band, A Skylit Drive during their Warped Tour stop in Ventura, CA. With the recent release of their sophomore album Adelphia, these guys are proving that they’re a force to be reckoned with. Here’s what they had to say…

It’s day three of Warped Tour for you guys. How’s it feeling so far?
Awesome, still getting used to it…sleeping and waking up so early.

What time do you guys get up everyday?
8am. Every single day.

Oh my gosh, gross.

I just recently heard Adelphia and noticed it’s a giant storyline ““ how does that affect your set list? Do you break it up? Do you have to put the songs together?
Um, we just kind of go with whatever. I mean, maybe when we do like a headlining tour like, for Adelphia, then maybe we’ll try and throw the whole concept thing into it, do something fancy with videos or something, I don’t know, we’ll see.

Like Coheed and Cambria?
Yeah, exactly.

If had the chance to play one of your songs to somebody who hasn’t heard you guys in hopes of gaining them as a fan, which song would you play and why?
Probably “Wires and the Concept of Breathing” because it kind of just rounds out our whole sound. It’s a really catchy song to the point where even if somebody isn’t really into the style, they’ll still maybe be sitting there humming the chorus afterwards. I mean, it’ll pull you in if you’re into that style of music. It’s got every kind of thing that we do.

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen in the crowd at Warped?
Well, the first show, I saw a girl just rip her shirt of and start dancing in the pit and then a big dude with his shirt off started grinding behind her.

That would have been hilarious to see. Did you keep your cool on stage?
Yeah, I was laughing while singing though.

Most essential item for touring?
Huggie Wipes.

I will take your word on that. So, why should people check you guys out at Warped?
We’re fresh, we’re new, we’re always giving it our all. I mean, no show is going to to be a half-assed show with us. We’re a bunch of fun dudes.

A Skylit Drive is on Warped Tour all summer. Be sure to check them out!

Warped Tour Bands Talk MJ



The folks at Buzznet caught up with 11 different artists at Warped Tour and asked each of them what their favorite Michael Jackson song is and what is a memory they have of Michael Jackson. Find out what Escape The Fate, 3OH!3, Meg & Dia, Jeffree Star, The Maine, A Rocket To The Moon, Thrice, Sing It Loud and more had to say about MJ!

Check out the video below.

The Bouncing Souls Celebrate 20 Year Anniversary

2009 has been an extremely busy year for New Jersey punk legends, The Bouncing Souls, as they continue to celebrate their 20 year anniversary. Starting today, you can stream the band’s new song for the month of July, entitled, “Ghosts On The Boardwalk.” The Bouncing Souls are poised to take part in even more unforgettable festivities, as they prepare for a series of celebratory shows coming to the New York and Philadelphia area w/ special guests and a two-week stint on the Vans Warped Tour

Starting Today, MTV.com To Premiere All Time Low’s New Album As Part Of “The Leak”



Hopeless Records is excited to announce that for one week starting on June 30th, MTV.com will be the first place fans will be able to stream All Time Low‘s new album, the highly anticipated Nothing Personal, in its entirety. The premiere is a part of the website’s ongoing series called “The Leak.”

The first video from the album, “Weightless,” will debut on July 6th on MTV, MTV2, mtvU and HITS. Nothing Personal is the band’s second full-length record and will hits stores July 7. For a sneak preview of the album, check out the trailer streaming exclusively on Buzznet here: http://www.buzznet.com/musicnews/all-time-low-nothing-personal-v74460741/

All Time Low will perform a string of dates on the Main Stage of this summer’s Vans Warped Tour. Having just recently finished a tour with Fall Out Boy, the Maryland foursome will be jumping on Warped Tour in Oceanport , NJ , and staying on it until the end in Los Angeles , CA. Prior to these dates, they will do a short headlining tour with We The Kings and Cartel, hitting several cities on the East Coast.

Lead singer Alex Gaskarth is currently featured on the cover of the Vans Warped Tour issue of Alternative Press magazine along with eight other frontmen from this summer’s lineup.

Stream: http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/2009/06/30/full-length-album-leak-all-time-low-nothing-personal/

Warped 2009 – Get to Know the Band: Escape the Fate



Since I first heard Escape the Fate’s debut EP in 2006, I’ve been a fan. Initially, I can attribute this to the fact that I’m a huge Motley Crue junkie. Now, I’m not saying that Escape the Fate is the reincarnation of the Crue, but let’s face it, among all the pop-punk and straight-edge bands on the scene, Escape the Fate is, at the very least, the Motley Crue of Warped Tour. Think about it. Both of the original lead singers have done jail time. Both bands have parted ways with their lead singer (at least temporarily). Both bands have a shy, quiet, soft-spoken, but shredding guitarist. Sure, these are trivial comparisons, but an article published in Kerrang! really shows similar lifestyles. I don’t know how much truth there is to this article, but for the sake of rock n’ roll, I’m going to go with it. I was born a decade too late for the domination of Motley Crue so I take what I can get. And I’m taking Escape the Fate.

Escape the Fate formed in Las Vegas back in 2004 and released their debut EP There’s No Sympathy for the Dead in May of 2006. Four months later, their first full-length album, Dying is Your Latest Fashion was released. Dying is Your Latest Fashion was the only full-length album released by Escape the Fate with their then lead singer, Ronnie Radke. In 2008, Radke was replaced by former Blessthefall vocalist, Craig Mabbitt and the band released their second album, This War is Ours in October of the same year.

I’m not going to get into the politics of why Ronnie Radke is no longer in the band or which singer is better. Bottom line is, if you like Ronnie, keep listening to Dying is Your Latest Fashion and check out his new band, Falling in Reverse (formerly From Behind These Walls). If you like Craig, listen to This War Is Ours or some old school Blessthefall. And hey, you could even check out some older tracks by Craig’s side project, The Word Alive (now fronted by former Greeley Estates member, Telle Smith). It’s not that hard, guys. You don’t have to turn this into an epic Team Ronnie vs. Team Craig situation like Twilight. (Team Edward, by the way…)

After completing a series of sold out headlining shows, these guys are going to be on Warped Tour all summer. YOU NEED TO CHECK THEM OUT. In my opinion, a lot of bands on Warped Tour are very “edited.” For example, maybe the band can kind of sing and play their instruments, but with the help of studio technology, they can sound amazing ““ until you see them live and just pray they’ll hit at least one note in their set. Escape the Fate is as far from an “edited” band as they get. These guys know what they’re doing and I’m pretty sure Craig Mabbitt is one of the best live performers on the scene today. These boys will put on one of the most explosive live shows you’ll see on Warped Tour this summer”¦possibly ever. Don’t miss them.

I’ll try and score some time with these guys out on Warped Tour, so keep your fingers crossed for an interview soon! (Update: You can read my interview with drummer, Robert Ortiz here.)

Until then, check out their newest video “10 Miles Wide” which features Josh Todd from Buckcherry. It’s over on their Myspace.

Still want more of these guys?
Escape the Fate on Buzznet
Escape the Fate on Twitter
Craig Mabbitt on Twitter

Warped 2009 – Get to Know the Band: 3OH!3



I think I’ll always have a place in my heart for 3OH!3. What other band out there has thousands upon thousands of people throwing up their hands and repping my home state’s area code? These boys make me proud to be a Colorado native. I remember “back in the day” when they were relatively unknown and I put “Holler Til You Pass Out” on my myspace page and took a good amount of criticism for it. Now that these guys can be heard on the radio, the same people that criticized my questionable profile song taste are now the ones asking me if I’ve heard “that new band that sings the “˜Don’t Trust Me’ song.” 

3OH!3’s first album, 3OH!3 wasn’t considered a commercial success when it was released in 2007″¦but, by all means, if you haven’t heard it, check it out ““ it’s worth a listen. Their album, Want was released by Photo Finish Records in 2008 and reached #44 on the Billboard 200. 

I’ve seen these boys play local shows, Warped Tour and the AP Tour and they’re yet to disappoint. Sean and Nathaniel are wildly entertaining and really know how to amp up the crowd. If you’re heading to any of the Warped 2009 dates, definitely put 3OH!3 on your list of bands to watch.

I’m going to attempt to snag some downtime with my fellow Coloradans at Warped — keep your eyes peeled for an interview soon! 

In the meantime, check out their newest video, “Starstrukk” over on their myspace.

Still can’t get enough 3OH!3? Follow them on Twitter!
Official 3Oh!3 Twitter: https://twitter.com/3OH3pfr
Sean on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kidquizine
Nathaniel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NAT3OH3