Hit The Lights Choose New Singer

Hit The Lights have announced that guitarist Nick Thompson will be their new singer. Check out a video on their MySpace page where they make the announcement. They are also currently in the studio recording their new album with Rob Freeman.

New Myspace, new songs, new tours… SAME DIRTY CREEPS! So it’s taken some time to get back on our feet. This has been a hard thing to go through, as well as something that has reinforced our dedication to this band even more. Thank you to everyone who has sent positive comments, had our backs, and never gave up on us…it got us through a lot more than you think. There will be haters, there will be lovers, either way; we’re always going to be Hit The Lights. Check out our announcement video, get pumped for our new record, and get ready to throw down when we come through your town. WEEZ BACK BABY!!!



Blu-Ray Wins Over HD-DVD

Toshiba (the main company backing HD-DVD) has announced that they will no longer develop, manufacture, or market their version of the next generation DVD format, HD-DVD. Blu-Ray will become the new High Definition DVD format with the demise of HD-DVD.

Which format did you have high hopes for? If you picked up an HD-DVD player, what are your plans for it? Let us know in the comments.