The Automatic Release Album In The US

UK band The Automatic has officially released their debut full length, Not Accepted Anywhere, in the US. The album, which has already been certified gold in the UK, can be streamed in its entirety right here. The band is currently playing on the Warped tour throughout the rest of July.


  1. leisha says

    I’d like to say i saw these guys in vancouver and they are amazing live! they even busted out a flute and rocked a cover of gold digger. they are all really nice guys, i had the liberity of meeting them! also, if anyone is reading this, make sure to check out the gallows, i have a feeling they are going to be huge. They just finished playing a sold out tour in the uk, and now they are on warped tour for 2months before playing more festivals in the uk and joing the taste of chaos tour in austrailia. They also put on one amazing show. The lead singer, frank, hops over the baracades and sings in the crowd! You don;t want to miss either of these bands.. See them while you can 😀

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