Staff Recommendations October 1st 2006

Trevor Bivens

Ivory – Self Titled EP: I got to check out Ivory back when they were opening up for theAudition, and I was so impressed by their live show, that I picked up their EP. It makes for good soft listening, and the atmosphere is relaxing enough to put you into a dream-like state. Still young, there’s plenty of untapped potential from this band. Things are relatively slow in their camp right now with the recent departure of their guitarist, but I’m sure things will pick up soon enough. Until then, you can check them out on Purevolume or Myspace. I highly suggest going ahead and ordering their EP.

Katie Arsenault

Hit the Lights -Ԛ“ This is a Stick Up, DonÔš’t Make it a MurderԚ”: Ever since I was introduced to them, IÔš’ve been completely hooked. They are fun, upbeat and completely catchy. I always find myself singing along to Ԛ“Speakers BlownԚ” in my car by myself like a total geek. Their stage performance is excellent and they just draw you in. Plus they are the nicest guys. TheyÔš’re on the upcoming New Found Glory tour, so make sure you check it out.PureVolume

Bryce Jacobson

Spitalfield – Better Than Knowing Where You Are: Spitalfield’s new album is filled with lots of melody and the band builds on their previous releases to make this one an outstanding release. Pick it up this Tuesday, you won’t regret it.


Cassidy Myers

Beloved – Failure On: Probably one of the best albums to come out on Solid State Records. Beloved did something many bands try to do, mix poppy melodies with huge hardcore breakdowns and they do it prefectly.


Julie Watanabe

JonezettaPopularity: Tooth & Nail have made a habit out of signing and producing the next big IT band on the market. True to their history, T&N are bringing you Mississippi’s own dance-prock (pop-rock) rebels Jonezetta. The debut is well crafted, witty, and insanely addicting. Tracks like “Welcome Home” and “Burn It Down” will have you using your repeat button like an old habit, while the overall production and arrangement will keep your ears ringing in a foot-tapping, head-bobbing heartattack. There are a lot of HUGE name releases this Tuesday–The Killers, Jet, Evanescence, Decemberists– but don’t pass up this opportunity to pick up an outstanding effort by an underdog band.

Tyler Hayes

SkilletComatose: Most people have at least heard of this band, but forget what you know. This new album of theirs that drops on October 3rd is not like their previous work. This album is radio friendly, guilty pleasure music at it’s finest. The infectious choruses and the massive arena rock sound are things that give this release a reason to check out. This may not make it on to many people’s top 10 list of the year, but it is definitely a solid album and worth at least your consideration.


Reema Desai

Bel Air AcademyRepeat This Over:Ԛ  I’m not gonna lie, the whole reason I listened to this band in the first place is because, yes, they’re named after the school Will and Carlton go to in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.Ԛ  Luckily though, it’s not the reason why I continue to listen to them.Ԛ  Their 10 song debut, “Repeat This Over” was released last month on Stowaway Records.Ԛ  The LP is a solid pop album that delivers light-hearted, catchy songs just like any pop record should.Ԛ  Uncle Phil would be proud.


  1. Tyler Hayes says

    “Rebirthing” was the song on their myspace, and has to be one of the strongest/ catchiest songs on the record. I however think “The Older I Get” would my favorite overall. And yours?

    what other cd’s are you looking forward to? I am looking forward Copeland, Deadpoetic, Mxpx, in October

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