Jet Lag Gemini – Business

Jet Lag Gemini

Artist: Jet Lag Gemini
Album: Business
Label: Doghouse
Purchase: Smart Punk
Release Date: June 6, 2006

Overall: 7.9
Music: 8.0
Lyrics: 7.5
Production: 8.2

Jet Lag Gemini are a young bunch of kids form New Jersey who have been playing music for years. Where does this come into play you say? Well, being that the band consists of Vlad and Matei who are brothers from Romania and the whole band comes in at the age of 20 or under makes this a great accomplishment. Being signed to Doghouse Records (home to bands like Say Anything, Limbeck, and mroe) and have an EP out makes this accomplishment all the better.

Mixing the sound of pop-rock and 80’s style guitar rhythms makes the bands sound something of interest in todays over-saturated market of pop and hardcore rock bands. From the first song “Don’t Leave Me Hanging” you’ll be tapping your foot and singing a long to every track. It has been said that their live shows are very energetic and everyone sings along to the songs. After just one listen you can tell these songs were made to be played live, rocked out, and blasted just for your ears. The bands first single “Geared For Action” combines crunchy guitars with an upbeat melody for a song you just can’t seem to get out of your head.

Jet Lag Gemini are off to a great start with this EP and Doghouse couldn’t be a better of a place for them to start off on. For fans of anything catchy!

Track Listing
1. Don’t Leave Me Hanging
2. Geared For Action
3. From Lip To Lip
4. Ready Set No
5. Happy Earth Day
6. They’re Made Out of Meat

Standout Tracks
“Don’t Leave Me Hanging”, “Geared For Action”, “Happy Earth Day”

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